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    Default Life is going good

    I haven't been on in several weeks but that is because opportunities have came up and I have take them.

    I locked in on a job that now pays all the bills of my house hold. I basically worked for many different landscaping and property management companies as well as my self all winter. One day a friend of mine called me because he needed someone to switch out a plow truck driver so I went to help. I was asked to go in for an interview the next day and I started my new full time job that afternoon. Its so nice to only have to worry about one employer and to be able to work as much overtime as I want.

    Another great thing that happened is my wife and I sat down and had a very good conversation about my desires and we are starting to more understanding of each other. We made more progress in that one talk than in our 2 years of marriage and quite frankly since it was first brought up over a year before we got married.

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    Congrats on all! It's always a great feeling landing a job. The conversation with your wife is a big one also. Knowing that my wife support my diaper hobby is a big deal for me.

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