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Thread: Open introduction about diapers and me

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    Smile Open introduction about diapers and me

    Hello, Iím Irish and I like diapers. Iím also 25. Is there anyone else around my age here and would be willing to talk. Iím married and I havenít told my spouse I like diapers and I have kept it a secret for awhile. I want to tell them but I canít out of fear I am a diaper lover and am comfortable with it but I donít know how my spouse will respond.

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    Hello Tomcat25 and welcome to the group.

    Very nice introduction. What are some of your hobbies and interest?


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    Hi and welcome. I suspect you'll discover a number of members your age, and yes, there is often a discussion on how to tell the SO. The more you become involved in the discussions, responding to various threads, the more we'll get to know you and you will make friends.

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    Welcome Tomcat! I'm not far off from your age and as an LGBT member I'm here if needed!

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