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Thread: Do you usually use boosters?

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    i like using the goodnites trufit as boosters. they dont have the sticky strip but they are really absorbent and swell up alot. i use a booster when ever i can, and im not worried about the extra bulk in front.

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    I tried Abri-Let boosters ages ago, but they're too thick to be comfortable and don't really feel nice against the skin. Recently, I got some Lille Maxi boosters, which are much thinner, but still really absorbent, and they feel nice too. :-)

    I tend to wear them inside Abena Abri-Form M4s. The latest M4s don't wick as well as they used to, whereas the boosters do, so it means more of the diaper gets used before you need to change. And they increase capacity by a surprising amount too.

    I've tried diaper-doubling a few times, but... it just seems like too much hassle, it's not comfortable, and you don't really get much extra capacity before you need to (or want to) change anyway.

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    For the longest time, I'd wear just a good, high quality diaper. I tried a booster (ABU PowerUps) for the first time a while ago, and for me it helps absorbency somewhat, but I like them more for the bulk they add. I actually did a double diaper with boosters last week, and it felt like heaven.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slomo View Post
    I never said boosters don't work. In fact, I fully agree they do work. Not as good as having a better diaper, and at the same added cost as a better diaper though. Plus you have to be extremely carefull not to oversaturate the booster or leaks will become a severe problem.

    Sure they work, it just doesn't make sense to use them for most situations. Thats all.
    If I didn't run across a bunch of Goodnites for so cheap I'd probably go without booster, like I said for me it's more added aesthetic than function.

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    I love boosting personally, do it every time I wear. The extra bulk is great, and being more DL than AB means I love to pad up in the morning and stick with the one diaper for the day (assuming no messes anyway...). I kinda wanna give doubling a try but I'm kinda hesitant to as doing it with ABDL diapers means it might be too much capacity and I hate wasting them, but doing it with Abena L4's or something I feel is just asking for tape failure.

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    I too love the bulk and squshieness so I stuff a stripped down Luvs in most every diaper I wear.

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    I triple boost my super heavyweight night diaper to sleep in I would rather have extra capacity than not enough in the morning.

    And for disposable I double boost the NS with a pair of large NS boosters .On the road I don't always have access to a time and place to change ,so i err on the side of caution when traveling, i do know that triple boosting a NS doesn't work because it swaps the SLG.

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    I used to use the Abena AbriLets but ever since I saw the tutorial on how to convert baby diapers on Reddit I've been using Luvs Size 6 when I'm gonna need a booster. A lot cheaper.

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    I used to use tranqulity, switched to using goodnites pads which were amazing, then switched to the new northshores when they came out. Now i use boosters everytime because they are so nice! goodnites were too expensive and hard to find. The new northshore ones offered about the same as those for much cheaper price.

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    I usually use goodnites try-fit inserts, abrilet maxi or azipad as boosters in mine.

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