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Thread: Do you usually use boosters?

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    I've tried boosters but tend to find that they increase the chance of leakage, not reduce it, because the padding is no longer protected by the side-guards.

    The only times I've used boosters successfully without leakage is by slitting the diaper's backing and inserting them inside it, and then taping up the slit. But that's just too much hassle. If I need extra absorbency I'd just rather buy a better diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tetra View Post
    I triple boost my super heavyweight night diaper to sleep in I would rather have extra capacity than not enough in the morning.

    And for disposable I double boost the NS with a pair of large NS boosters .On the road I don't always have access to a time and place to change ,so i err on the side of caution when traveling, i do know that triple boosting a NS doesn't work because it swaps the SLG.

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    Where do you place the boosters so that two don't leak? I'm curious to try it out, but I haven't gotten it to work very well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yooo View Post
    Where do you place the boosters so that two don't leak? I'm curious to try it out, but I haven't gotten it to work very well.

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    Well understand I am a "different kind" of diaper user being I am in a wheelchair, I point up.
    So the first one I lay in about even with the front of diaper top (I do fold both my boosters and diapers to form a channel )the second I lay in with the top edge about even with the front of my testicles ,this does two things gives me extensive absorbent support covering the "front weak zone"(area most prone to leak or collapse from over saturation in IC males in wheelchairs) so it also forms a "holding pocket" it leaves a little more room for my anatomy and having a preformed escape channel will allow it to handle a flood and push whatever it can't handle into the channel to wick to the rear where there is also additional multilayer absorbent overlap, so far this "quasi water/flow dynamics" approach has never let me down (as in failure or leak ).
    when I go to the doctors it's 6 hours each way on the bus, getting home from the station and making sure my partner is squared away and not wanting or needing anything is probably another 1 1/2 or two hours , so figure that's around 14 or 15 hours in the same double boosted diaper ,and its impossible for me to fluid restrict on trips because that causes all kinds of other dominoes to fall the wrong way,And with no accessible bathroom with time enough to change ,once i tape up in the morning i am commited one way or another , i wear High Rise PUL over top, because all my other plastic rubber or vinyl pants have a pressure point that no amount of tilt or recline will be remedy and will end up as a cut or serious bruise when I get far this offset overlap gives me what I need with no leaking and really extends cover completely throughout the entire belt to belt area of the diaper ,with the strongest concentration of course being the core of the diaper , you could swap the overlap the other way if fecal containment were a priority providing that high intesity pocket to the rear, i cover it all with a full lenght Abena bodystocking and Babykins polo onesie,or should i say my aide does because i cant wear the body stocking indepentdenly i lack the flexibility,strength and dexterity to use the zippers,things that are easy for six year old can be mountains to climb for me.

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    IF you do use a booster, make absolutely certain the width of the booster is about 1/2" - 1" smaller than the width between the leak guards of your adult diaper. Center the booster in between the guards, and this will leave just enough of a gap so the leak guards can work properly.

    Also, make sure the booser isn't too thick when wet. If the booster swells up enough it can lift the diaper up off your skin enough to also lift up the leak guard away from your skin as well.

    Either of these two problems will actually work against you, and will increase the chance of leaks more than not using a booster at all. Worse still, thanks to the booster there will be more pee there to leak, causing an ever bigger wet stain when it does leak.

    Personally, I find a size 1 baby diaper works best. As a bonus, they actually work better than most boosters out there, and at a fraction of the cost. Still though, you will eventually realize the added cost of any boster is better put to use in just getting better diapers. You'll spend the same amount of money, but get much better performance without the hastle or problems of a booster in the first place.

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