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Thread: If You Could Bring Back One Adult Diaper

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    I wouldn't mind bringing back just about every plastic backed adult diaper that has been discontinued up to about the 1984 debut of Depends. I would like this very much for historical preservation and archival purposes, but I would also very much like to try these discontinued diapers just to see how they work. I'm genuinely curious to see for myself how each of them work. I never got to experience the original all green Depends, or the max protection from the mid 2000s-early 2010s, nor the old P&G attends or even the mid-late 2000s Pakerpak Attends 10 and waistbands. Bringing back the old plastic backed US TENAs would be nice. My post would probably be too long just to list them all. Maybe even bring back some old European designs like the late 2000s TENA slips, and late 2000s Abri Form X pluses and Secure X Pluses. Maybe when 3d printing is more advance and affordable we could get access to these diapers any time we wanted. Maybe some of the old old ones could be revived and redesigned for modern standards. So many discontinued plastic backed diapers I missed out on.

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    To xpluswearer, those green Depend overnight fitted briefs were awesome and I grew up wearing them in the 90s for bed wetting and loved them. Little big on me but just taped them tighter. I bought 6 packs of them late 2015 from a guy on eBay . They r very absorbent !

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    Israeli made Dry 24/7 before the quality went down hill... They were just as big and thick as today but had more sap and swelled like crazy where you peed (like krinkles today!) And didn't seem to fall apart like today's do.

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    I’d bring back the Tena Slip Maxi, the version just before they took them off the market & replaces them with cloth backed. The “re-released” version of the plastic backed version is just not the same.

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