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Thread: Nintendo vs Sony vs Xbox

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    So basically Atari is attributed with popularizing video gaming inside the household; with simplistic games like Pong or games based off of Pong.

    You could argue to Nintendo was gonna come along and popularize video gaming in the home with or without Atari ever having existed in the first place.

    Its clear to see why Atari went out of business; how are you gonna compete vs Mario, Legend of Zelda, and etc with Pong/other simplistic games not based off of that concept?

    And Sega was mostly bringing arcade games into the home with probably their most known game still alive being Sonic.

    So in essence, yeah they helped popularize video gaming in the beginning; but have little impact in video gaming as it currently is.

    Video gaming in the current sense was pushed into being by both Nintendo (for more casual and kid/family friendly gaming); and Sony for the more realistic and hardcore gaming.

    Xbox had a few good exclusive titles, but eventually all except for only 2 that are still around have moved on to being on Sony as well, and some even on Nintendo.

    And yes the vast majority of those games are on PC regardless; but the vast market share I think is focused more on Nintendo; Sony; and Xbox as it takes time for something to become more mainstream and it's only been the last probability like 2 or 3 years where you could get a very good PC for a really affordable price.

    It's pretty fair to say you could break up video gaming into decades

    1970s saw video gaming start being a household thing (although for the longest time it was "mainstream" and would of been considered "nerdy")

    1980s saw Sega and Nintendo come around; Sega largely bringing Arcade games into households and Nintendo blazing their own way with unique IPs they still hold sacred and keep to their own systems.

    1990s you had Sony (I think PSX was released in 94) with their own style and brand of games you couldn't find on Nintendo

    2000s, finally you see Xbox coming into existence (04 or 05 I think), they basically had garbage for games and their only good original game from back then that stuck around (AFAIK) is Halo, which I don't even get why people like Halo so much, I tried the first few and they were overly simplistic and unoriginal.

    2010 onward you see games becoming HD and evolving in some amazing ways with Sony still largely keeping their IPs away from the competition

    just now you see Nintendo getting some original PSX and onward games, most notably Crash Bandicoot trilogy and soon Spyro, which are also both going to Xbox.

    I think Xbox probably would have failed except for huge funding from their connection with Microsoft and also Xbox fanboys are blinded into thinking Xbox is amazing, even without any good games (unless you really like Halo or Forza).

    Also a lot of people got Xbox just because their friends got it and people like to play with friends above random strangers.

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    My preference is Nintendo. I like how you can take your switch with you wherever you go and can charge it with your tv. The only reasons I have a PS3 are final fantasy and Blu-Rays. I feel that Nintendo makes games that are way better than Sony & Microsoft.

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    I enjoy all the platforms. Mostly PC and Xbox One these days. PC is for games like World of Warcraft and Divinity Original Sin 2 and RTS games. Xbone is for titles like Monster Hunter World and a few others.

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    PC has been my favorite ever since I build my first rig. The graphics are great and all but the real benefit in my opinion is not being limited at all. You can mod to your heart's content (assuming it's single player) and you aren't confined to a mouse & keyboard, you can easily plug in an xbox one controller and it will work out of the box in most modern games. If not, there is always a way to make it work. Before PC I was a big fan of the playstation 3 but unfortunately when I borrowed it to my dad for him to use netflix on since I barely played it, I had it returned with the yellow light of death problem on it still hoping I can fix it, but I need to buy a heat gun for that. It's such a bummer because it can play my entire playstation library, not just ps3 titles. Sometimes I really miss littlebigplanet <3

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