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Thread: wife shock me with my first dress

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    Default wife shock me with my first dress

    over the years my wife has really gotten into her dominant role over me...... at first I was strictly a diaper lover and over time she slowly introduced toddler style clothing.
    then pink oneies and a pink footed sleeper she even admitted it gives her a strange feeling of empowerment when she checks my diapers to see if they need changeing...... well I had today and the weekend off so as usial I'm staying diapered. when I got up .I tuck my morning shower and she told me to not get dressed she would.diaper me..... kool I thaut..... when I came into the bedroom she had me lay down and the put a pillow case over my head and said she was going to diaper me and dress me but dident want me to see the supprise she had in-store.... I felt her diaper me up after teasing me a little... then she pulled over a onesie and shaped me up.... I figgered it was anouther pink one with a girls cartoon like my little pony from.last time..... but she said sit still im.not done.... then she put what felt like dress socks and shoes on.
    I'm thinking okay odd..... the she had me stand up . .and she pulled over a hot pink baby doll dress ..... then she pulled off the pillow case for her revieal....... I was speechless ...... when she asked me what I thaut I dident know what to say.... at that point she felt my diaper and said I think you like it. that's then I notice my new shoes where Mary jains.... at that point she left me to soke in what was going on whial she went to make breakfast and told me th o go and play....... I'm still dumb founded

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    That's great! You have a great spouse.

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    If you are truly being honest, which I don't mean to question, but this is something that is very rare for it to actually happen outside of a fantasy story in the stories forum, then you are indeed very lucky to have someone who shares in your interest.

    If this is real, don't underestimate how uniquely special this is. Treat her too as she wants to be treated and care for her and seek out what you can do to make her feel special and her interests met. Perhaps this is having her care for you, but perhaps also there are things that she would like for you to do to fulfill her fantasies as she is being there for you.

    In any relationship, it is important to be considering the other persons interests above your own. If you both do this, you will be immensely happy.

    If it were not a commandment to not covet another, I would be extremely jealous of your situation.

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    wonderful to hear <3

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    this is a kink that if it came up early in our marriage would have lead to a quick divorce....... it's something that matures over time ......also just bacause we like to indulage in age play and some cross dressing dosent mean I want to have my dick cut off and become a woman or my wife is suddenly a lesbian

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