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Thread: Tykables or PeekABU, now the waiting begins

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    My Tykables Overnights showed up today. So far I really like them, theyíre very thick but comfortable. I havenít wet one yet but if theyíre anything like the old ones from an absorbency stand point, then they should be great.

    So far I like the hook & loop fasteners, I hope they work well for refastening/readjusting. I want to wear them to work & I donít always like to wet my diapers at work so being able to undo/redo them when I use the restroom is a huge plus. Iím a little worried that they wonít hold well once they start getting full so hopefully theyíre nice and strong.

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    So I did a wetting test by slowly pouring 2 liters of water down the front of my diaper & Iím definitely impressed. I can definitely tell the differences between these & the older style. Right away I noticed that they werenít packed really tight so they have space to expand & are noticeably thicker when you take them out of the package. They also sit quite a bit higher up in both the front & back making them harder to conceal. Personally, I really like it when my diapers are taller than my waistband & stick out but thatís a personal preference.

    They took all the water like a champ & WOW do these things swell up! They are the opposite of the PeekABU in that the PeekABU swells & itís really squishy. The Tykables swell but itís very firm & wicks up the back well. Personally, I like both, it all depends on what mood Iím in. Today, Iím in the mood for the way the Overnights hold liquid & I really enjoy feeling how firm they are.

    They didnít leak but Iím afraid to sit down because Iím worried about press out, these have a LOT of water in them. I am impressed with the hook & loop closures, theyíre holding up really well so far. These feel really dry for being soaked too, I could be comfortable in these wet for a long time.

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