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Thread: Sad? Momentous? Portentious? Coincidental?

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    Default Sad? Momentous? Portentious? Coincidental?

    Not only is it Pi Day and Einstein's birthday.... we are also saddened to learn that Stephen Hawking has passed. He was born on the same day Galileo died.

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    So sad. He had probably the most brilliant mind the world has ever seen.

    I noticed that he passed on Pi Day. Probably a coincidence, but I bet he had a little chuckle about it before he went.

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    I saw the notice as well. I think they said he lived 50 years longer than they thought he would. He certainly defied the odds.

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    Pi is about the only real representation of infinity we have. I wonder if there's fractals based on Pi? In other news, my lady had her 70th birthday and our next door neighbor also had his birthday and he got drunk to celebrate.
    Maybe the quantum super-entity didn't get broken by Hawking joining. Maybe he's getting drunk with Pi and the largest prime number.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    Stephen Hawking has passed.
    eh? i just saw him on the holodeck!

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