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Thread: Do you think public perception is getting better?

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    Default Do you think public perception is getting better?

    I would like to think that some day public perception of ABDL would become more positive, but I think it's an uphill battle and may possibly be decades before we see widespread acceptance.

    2 things have happened within a few weeks that caused me to feel inspired to ask this question.

    1st I saw a tweet about an AB/DL getting kicked out by his parents after they opened his mail; hopefully he is getting some help getting situated with a place to stay because this is one of the worse things that can happen to any of us.

    2nd, I saw another tweet asking about the legality of an employer asking questions about an employee of theirs being ABDL; because this person's Ex (as far as anybody knows it's probably them) told the person's employer about this.

    Thankfully I have a pretty good thing in that I'm not getting kicked out and details of my ABDL side are not being leaked to anybody in real life.

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    I believe it isn't just our perception getting better, it's getting more accurate. Take 50 years ago, abdl was though of as a sexual deviation that needed to be treated. Today, that same abdl is though of as paraphilic infantilism, and categorized as a mental disorder that should be nurtured and directed in a positive way. It's still not quite right, but getting more accurate by the decade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slomo View Post
    I believe it isn't just our perception getting better, it's getting more accurate. Take 50 years ago, abdl was though of as a sexual deviation that needed to be treated. Today, that same abdl is though of as paraphilic infantilism, and categorized as a mental disorder that should be nurtured and directed in a positive way. It's still not quite right, but getting more accurate by the decade.
    Well that is way better and definitely a better mental disorder than something like BiPolar (Which I do deal with and I usually manage just fine after having had therapy and being on medication) or something even more severe.

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    I think we're becoming less obscure. This gives others more opportunity to make informed judgments about us but I think it also means that more judgments are being made. No one was talking about this when I was a kid. It was still exceedingly rare in any media other than as a joke (like cartoons with characters getting put in diapers) when I was a young adult. Now there are numerous examples of it turning up in news, documentaries (of whatever value), talk shows, and the old standby lurid presentations.

    I don't expect to see widespread acceptance in my lifetime. I'm not even sure I'd like that. Toleration strikes me as more than enough for anyone who doesn't know me personally. I do want acceptance from anyone I'd be in a relationship with but I don't need random strangers checking me for leaks to be happy as an ABDL.

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    I don't think it's getting any better and sadly I think it never will (here in europe) An article was published a few days ago where they described abdl lifestyle. I have to give a credit to the writer because he/she was truly unbiased and was not judging. However coments were terrible. From my personal experience with fellow 'comrades' I'm not even suprised...

    They have already written about some lifestyles like puppies and kittens but this was the first time I have seen an article about us ever(in my native language)

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    I think public perception is getting worse but only because people are finding out about it. That I would put down to the rising popularity of DDLG and those within that that like to wear diapers. I think within the public, the perception will not get much better in the future unless some film that captured the public's imagination like 50 shades did. That helped the BDSM community as much as it hindered it though.

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    I definitely think ABDL is no longer as underground as it once was, though it's far from mainstream or common knowledge. There was a time growing up where no one knew or talked about this or any other kinks for that matter, a time where such interests were kept private and obscure.

    I didn't know of the term ABDL until I was 14 in 2005, though I had wanted to regress and wear diapers well before that and for years afterwards, ABDL was something that only I knew about, you never saw it on TV or talked about on mainstream websites, people rarely brought it up in conversation, the only kink I remember being referred to throughout high-school was crossdressing and swinging and those have been talked about for ages.

    Nowadays, there is usually at least one talk show that brings ABDL to light every year, there are a ton of websites that have written stories and articles about ABDL and with the advent of social media and social networking people are more apt to stumble upon members of the community on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. So, I think ABDL is certainly a little more well known, heck, I know it is, since entering University, it's customary for at least one person a year to bring up "those guys who wear diapers and act like babies".

    Public perception of ABDL on the other hand, well it's always gonna be polarizing, anything that goes against the norm is. Let us not forget, that there was a time when being gay was a major taboo, it took years, decades for that to become socially accepted and in some circles, it will never be accepted even though it really should be. Being an AB, objectively speaking, is out there and a bit of a tough sell, I would argue that improved awareness is the best we can hope for, perception will always be split, there will be people open minded enough to understand or who at least make an attempt to understand and then there will be others who view it as wrong or gross or just plain weird and who won't even try to educate themselves further. Once again, I have heard a bunch of my peers or class mates over the last few years bring up AB's in random conversation, some of them thought it was cute and interesting others singled it out as the only kink/alternative lifestyle worth shaming. Perception of us ABDL's will always be mixed, we just have to surround ourselves with those who are open and understanding.

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    I think a lot of people are just finding out it even exists, I know I am...and I am one. I never knew there was a name for it, I just knew snuggling my bunny, occasionally sucking a pacifiers, watching cartoons and pretending to be young again was soothing to me. I just thought I was weird. I felt so alone. I am so grateful to know I'm not. But I still think people on the outside judge it harshley, once they do find it is important that any publicity we get be good publicity....but even then people are gonna think what they wanna think...

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    I think the worst thing is when the public takes up torches and pitchforks (Not literally); like when Tykables opened up a physical location

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    I didn't know there is a term for it , i only know i liked wearing diapers. It wasn't till i joined ADISC and explored on the net when i realized i am not alone , even with twitter and tumblr etc i find that public perception of AB/DL are not in good light , perhaps they didn't know what it is or why we do it.

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