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As to whether diaper fascinations will ever become mainstream, I doubt it. We have some deep rooted need to be who we are, with our secrecy, our sometimes shame & guilt, and our incessant need to find acceptance. We're not monsters. We're not pedo's. We're kids trapped in adult bodies, with adult inclinations, but yearning to find the go-back machine. How we're perceived by the mainstream crowd will always be flavored by extremes among us, and the perceptions of those that mistakenly represent us a pathetic, drooling, adults, with brain defects. What they'll never come to realize is that we are they. We are everywhere. We're male, and we're female. We deliver your packages. We direct your traffic. We make your steel, and we watch over the sick. We judge, and we are judged. One day someone might do an expose on what life is truly like, with marriage, sexuality, diapers, life, mortgages, jobs, and all the rest of it. If and when that happens, there will still be a mainstream group that find it weird and disconcerting. Others will move on to the next story. It will mean nothing to them.
Ditto, to what BabyJacob98 said about this post, it was outstanding. If there was an AB/DL manifesto it should be on the opening page.