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Thread: Kraiden's Farewell Thread

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    Default Kraiden's Farewell Thread

    Well, I figured that I need to leave "properly". Some of you already know about the drama from the last farewell Thread, and I really didn't want to leave improperly and on a bad note. Everyone knows my reasons for leaving, and how I feel about ADISC.

    But it's time for me to go. I always thought that I'd be here for years. I remember me saying that "Even if I'm the last one, I'll die protecting this place!" Well, I just can't do it anymore.

    I remember finding this place and joining up, after spending a couple of weeks looking around for websites similar, and I was greeted with Deeker and a few others, all populated by horny, dirty old men. Then when I ran across TBDL, I signed up and started posting, assuming that this place was exactly like Deeker. (My introduction post, oh my god.) I was surprised at how nice everyone was, and looking around the forum I saw great discussions, both related to TB / AB things, and others in the Off topic section.

    I remember some slightly awesome moments, mostly to do with Drama. I remember back when we had Kyuuketsuki, and (admittedly) how funny it was when someone offered constructive criticism on one of his stories, he would totally flip out. Back when Drew joined, he admitted to lying about something (I honestly can't remember), and I thought to myself "Well, what a dick. everyone's patting his back, He's a lying sack of crap". Well, it turns out that I got proven wrong, since Drew is an awesome member of this site. It's great when I get proven wrong like that. :P
    Also, I remember when Humphrey first started getting on the computer, and everyone started to copy his style. Except for Fullmetal, who hated him. Then again, There was also Yumi, who tried to kill him in one thread, and the entire forum did what I thought was a scene from Dawn of the dead, with the forum members converging on her and saving Humphrey.

    Still, some of the best moments here were from the friends I've made. Me and Rance would tag-team in destroying a deeker-ish story, and I don't think anyone could forget the idea of Battle-Trains. A stroke of pure genius. Then there were the times we all had big skype-ins together, and everyone was "Wow, nice accent!". Then, there were all the times of just fart-assing around in IRC, talking about everything from Pizza, to our jobs, and just sitting around smacking each other with large trouts.

    Hell, I even remember Akira's thread lazer, and Reece, with his 5,000+ posts.

    But to me, it seems like those days are pretty much gone for good. I just don't enjoy ADISC as I used to, and it's got to the point where I don't think it can be bought back to par with what TBDL was, and if it can, I just don't have the energy or drive anymore to do it. I've already said my reasons, and I do stick to them fully. Still, I don't want my leaving to be a dark blot on ADISC's history. People move on, and my time here is up.

    I wont be deleting my account, but I won't be back for some time, if at all. If and when I do decide to come back, I hope ADISC will have grown, not by membership, but by closeness and community. Maybe then I'll come back with guns blazing. Still, It is time for me to go, and my real life issues haven't played a part in this, it's been coming for quite a while.

    I just want to say thank you to everyone for 4 great, great years. I *will* miss you all. I might be leaving ADISC, but not the internet.

    Humphrey Sez: Oh noes! I don't know why big bro says we should move, I don't wanna go, I wanna stay!!

    I's loved it here!! I gotted lots of huggles and everyone here is so nice!! Big bro says that I can still stay in touch with everyone over the internets, but I's gonna miss being on here lots! Where else can I get all filamasoftical? I has lots of wisdom, and I don't want to not help people with it!!

    So, umm, I's gonna miss you all lots, and I's trying not to cry! I loves you all, fellow ADISCers!

    can I has a going away hug? Make it a tiiiiight one!

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    Again I'll say, I'm sad that I never got the chance to know you. Maybe I'll do that on MSN. I give you major props and respect for leaving this way, though. All good things must come to an end after all. Best of luck.

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    Everything changes and evolves, and Adisc is no different. It IS NOT the same as it was when I joined, but I've been just following my nose and keeping on the sidelines. . .

    Anyway, goodbye. It's been fun, and I wish you good health and fun wherever you go.

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    OOOH! you can't forget the "kraiden's intro thread" that hit, what was it, like over 2000 posts in it. it even surpassed the thread games and was constantly on top of the monthly reports for most active threads. can't forget the "ask humphry" thread.
    i'm going to miss you two.

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    I closed it down after 2,000 posts. It was a monster. O.O

    The last few Ask a bear threads flopped, sadly. then again, some people thought it was funny to confuse him with rhetorical questions. O.o;

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    Quote Originally Posted by skinnypuppy View Post
    It IS NOT the same as it was when I joined, but I've been just following my nose and keeping on the sidelines. . .
    I believe that is what a lot of us have been doing... unfortunate.

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    Kraideeenn... :cry:

    You're makin' me cry!

    *tackle-pounce-snuggles-sqeezes Kraiden, then Humphrey* (But mostly Humphrey. )

    Poor Humphrey..

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    I never got to know you, but I've always enjoyed reading your posts. You're also one of the very few members from TBDL that I remember, I was only a occasional lurker back then. Goodbye, I wish you the best of luck.

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    Good luck wherever you end up.
    I enjoyed reading your posts, they were always thoughtful and well laid out.
    Hopefully, we will see you again. Take Care

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