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Thread: BEWARE GUYS! Gotham is putting us in the spotlight.

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    Because Donald Trump is the main diaper wearing baby in the Gotham episode. Makes sense to me since he had his own television show.

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    Ughhh more of the media displaying abdls as old bald and fat guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tetra View Post
    Well one thing that trump has done is made the republiklan lies very transparent they tried all there usual bait and switch tactics and neither Alamama nor Pennsylvania could swallow them, there wealth transfer called a tax bill has proven to be a scam , voters have seen right thru it , there constant attacks on healthcare has been seen thru ( which is particularily disgusting considering the basic plan for the ACA was designed by a republiklan governor , but because it was enacted by a democrat,it's got to die and that doesnt begin to cover the KKK hatred the party follows ) so trump has shown America enlightenment as just how unamerican and threat the party is , typically I was a swing voter for who I thought was most qualified , and on tests and such my views fell more on the "claimed party message" of republiklans, however seeing the damage done by the republiklan party just in my life time( not counting there historic failures) , it's doubtful they will ever get another vote for them out of me, the only person who is listed as republiklan that gets my vote is the county coroner because he does an excellent job and keeps his mouth shut , I smashed things and named people I was going to kill in his office and he never said a word about it , he understands when he tells a husband his wife died because of dereliction of duty there gonna want to kill the individuals involved , that's your first basic human reaction,however that's not who or what I am and he recognised that had i not gotten it out of my system in private confidentialy i may have acted on that, a couple of coffee cups are the only things that died over that, so he could run as a communist and I would still vote for him.

    None the less there are no adults left in this administration , and he is still advancing his B'S nuclear 1 st strike plan on N.Korea with the air force practicing for it in Kansas and shuttling small tactical nuclear weapons all over Europe because all our typical delivery platforms such as the ones based on Guam don't move without the world knowing , so the milatary wants smaller planes that arent tracked from multiple bases to deliver , and if you think we aren't going to lose some major cities if not go full tilt MAD with any attack started by US, Russia and China will launch on us, he will get more than he is capable of leading or surviving .

    So I feel sorry for the ignorant people who are going to die because they elected a moron , the rest of us are just bystanders to the stupidity.

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    Oh boy here comes the politics, what does this subject have to do with Donald Trump? Just so ya know I'm an Independent dont really like either party. But actually your totally wrong hes going to meet with North Korea and discuss peaceful resolution. But please keep on spewing those lies and russian conspiracy theory, that has been dropped cause of no evidence. And really you wanna talk about politicians having temper tantrums look no farther than Hillary Clinton, still whining, and complaining she didn't win, oh boo hoo hoo. When it was actually her own fault cause everyone hates her, even the democrats because she stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders. Thank Hillary for screwing you out Bernie Sanders and bringing in Trump lol!

    PS: Trump is actually an Independent, pretending to be Republican! That's why his own so called party is trying to sabotage him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    If you believe polls and 'studies', Hillary is President.

    It's not that difficult to frame poll questions and select poll or study sample populations to get the answer you want.

    Donald Trump is President because a significant minority, if not a majority of the people in this country are tired of establishment politicians running things for their personal gain and glory. He may not be the greatest guy in the world, but he's NOT one of THEM. He will continue to have support untill those in the swamp either leave or fess up and straighten up.

    Blaming Republicans for him and vice versa is missing the point. He was elected as much to protest GOP establishment types as Democrats. Trump is as much a protest vote as Bernie Sanders. Bernie just wasn't able to overcome Clinton shenanigans.
    Exactly Maxx! I also voted for Trump because it was revenge against Hillary Clinton stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders, and just wanting to piss the living hell out of the mainstream media, which was successful lol! But to be honest I lost a lot respect when Bernie bent over to Hillary, and said voting for Hillary was the only way! And more I research Bernie I'm finding he's also BS artist and his wife is under investigation for a college fraud. I won't vote for Trump again if he doesn't get rid of the keebler elf Jeff Session though. If Trump is smart and would he should legalize cannabis, every party would love him!

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    Lol "Keebler Elf Jeff Sessions"; look up Jeff Sessions in Our Cartoon President; that character has giant ears and big shiny eyes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyTyrant View Post
    Lol "Keebler Elf Jeff Sessions"; look up Jeff Sessions in Our Cartoon President; that character has giant ears and big shiny eyes.
    Yes that is the only thing I did find funny about the cartoon the way Jeffey boy was displayed lol! But I'm not a big fan of Stephen Colbert cause of his political biased and he does it to death.

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    I feel sorry for the guys who draw for the show having to replace three cast members in a weeks time ! Although this butt plug bolton can be just a mustache with legs !

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