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Thread: Swine flu, are you worried?

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    Default Swine flu, are you worried?

    Well with all this hype about swine flu and all, I am a bit worried and somewhat percausious. If some of you people don't know what the swine flu deal is about and how serious it is, well let me explain. Swine flu has become a pandemic. AND has already spread through some state like a wild fire. Washington state already has six cases of swine flu and a posible case. All togather that is 7. So, I know alot of you might think that this is not bad and all, and this swine flu is all hype. Well, it is pretty bad and MOST of it IS hype. Anyways, are ANY of you worried about swine flu? And if so are you worried about possibly catching it? Or your family or friends getting it?

    Also here is some OFFICAL info about what swine flu is (via wiki) and, about the situation that has been ALL OVER the news these past few days.

    What's swine flu?

    Swine flu scare- CBS new (video)

    Swine flu scare blog-

    Concerns over the Swine flu scare, are causing some schools to close in Washington state- King 5 news (Seattle Washington)

    When to go to the doctor over swine flu- King 5 (Seattle Washington)

    Mexico urges people to stay home as a swine flu protection- Kiro 7 ( Seattle Washington)

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    Yes, I am worried about it.

    It's a serious threat.

    There's a case in my school district that caused a school to be shut down for a week.

    Fort Worth ISD shut down school for all through the district. Currently the biggest district to shut down.

    It's possible I'm going to get it, but not likely.

    --The Silent Assassin--

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    I'm not all that worried about it. While I realize there is a threat to it, there is always more hype than there is actual concern. This same type of paranoia occurred with the avian flu and mad cow disease. I mean yes, take precautions in making sure you are as sanitary as possible, but don't be overrun with fear. It's something that we have to work on fixing as soon as possible, but I'm confident that it will be taken care of before it becomes something to be greatly feared.

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    I agree with you all! But what's funny about all the hype on the news, is that it kinda reminds me of some B movies I've watched in the past about horrible deseases that cause pandemics. And then in the movies I've seen, the people become zombies.

    On a much more serious note, I've heard that my school might be closing as a precausion to this pandemic. What also I've heard is that, Obama is planning on shutting down the boarder to Mexico to prevent more people from coming to the US that might be carring the swine flu infection. But I doubt it. But not only that, I've also heard is that this infection all started with a 5 yr old kid from Mexico who was traveling on plane with his family to the US.

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    The news is full of ignorant rumors...

    This is probably the most informative article on Swine flu i've read:
    Critical Alert: The Swine Flu Pandemic ? Fact or Fiction?

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    Oh BTW here is something interesting that is happening in the country I find awesome...Japan! . Japan takes prevention on swine flu scare- ABC News.There are NO cases of swine flu in Japan yet. And I hope there isn't now OR in the future.

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    I am not going to worry until my restaurant is shut down by the US Government because they want all restaurants closed. THEN I will worry because my job is my livelihood. And I do NOT wish to lose money to this damned fucker.

    I am not going to worry until I get the word from my boss that we are shut down because the US Government or the Ohio Health Department has shut down all restaurants because of the swine flu. Until then, all I am going to do is drink beer, and laugh my fucking ass off over how some people are getting paranoid over this. Sorry, but I find it comical about how paranoid some people are getting.

    I really don't think it will be as bad as the 1918 pandemic that ultimately led to the end of World War I.


    My first post on this whole subject was made because of the way the media is making people so afraid.

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    I couldn't agree with you any more Wildthing. It's never as bad as the media portrays it, because well, if it wasn't a serious risk, it wouldn't sell. Who wants to hear about "Swine flu!!! Don't worry, it's not as bad as it seems!"? Exactly, they blow it out of proportion to make it sell.

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    Very true!! That's how I feel. The media is just blowing it out of nothing. I feel that this whole thing was done because the media feels they have nothing else to cover other than economic bad news EVEN patient zero recovered. LOL. Saw that on CNN.

    It just makes me laugh over it all. Really.


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    Default No.

    I am significantly more concerned with simple hygiene matters like hand-washing after bathroom use.

    Whenever I'm in the bathroom at a public place, if I see someone about to leave without washing their hands, I'll tell them, "you're not washing your hands? Shit, I've gotta touch that door after you - come wash your hands." Most of the time the embarrassment kicks in and they at least do a token rinse.

    The H1N1 flu strain is something that is probably extremely controllable with proper hygiene and sanitation, and would only really impact the very young and very old. That said, if I had very young or very old folks in my care, I would more carefully think through where I took them.

    There has been one death thus far - a 23 month-old child. I'd wager more people than one die of food-borne illness in the developed world in the same time-frame.

    But, no, I'm not worried. It's nothing like the 1918 pandemic.

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