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Thread: So.... Monday... = A new Laptop for me...

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    Default So.... Monday... = A new Laptop for me...

    I'll be getting one from Aarons. Yeah I know its a rip, but whatever.
    I have a 667 Mhz Celeron than barely runs Windows 2000. ( My old laptop ) so I will be upgrading to a Dual-Core and Vista. My main concentration is on the graphics in the laptop, so whichever laptop has the best graphics I will be buying.

    Wish me luck, I'll post pics :P

    Also, anyone experienced in car stereo stuff? I want to hook my MP3 to my car stereo.. its stock... but...
    I had a friend who did it with some device he plugged into the cig lighter ( and since I don't smoke... )

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    Why don't you just buy one off Newegg? I am pretty sure they will be much cheaper. Also isn't Arron's a place where everything is pretty much Rent-to- own?

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    Yes, it is, but its cheaper than the other places. Also the only one who has new Laptops.

    $875 isn't bad for 12 monthly payments. Really.

    And right now I don't have the cash to buy one off Newegg. I know it would be cheaper. But... Eh.

    I do need to get some credit.

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    your paying nearly twice as much as you would at Newegg or even dare I say it, bestbuy. Really just hold off save your money and actually spend wisely. I am pretty sure you can go without a laptop for 2-5 months.

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    Actually I can't. I need one for starting college. I'll be starting in June, instead of August, but will be going only part time. One of the requirements for the courses I am taking is a Vista Buisiness laptop with a 12-cell battery.

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    Gotta love college courses that put rediculous requirements on broke students.

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    Exactly... LOL

    at least its not as bad as it seems.. I have a Copy of Vista Buisiness, and a License for it. Also I found a website selling the batteries for $76.99 for the laptop I am buying. And of course will have the 6-cell battery it came with... they want 12-cell because classes can run long and there is no plugs where the class is at... WTF? So basically if I forget to charge my computer I'm going to be screwed!

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    12Cell? Give the college your medical bill for your poorly back. Personally. Why do you need a laptop? Pen and paper not good enough? I don't get it?

    As for Mp3 player, if you don't want to break anything. There are FM transmitters you can buy to plug into your MP3 player and just tune in your radio.

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    I dont understand it either. I am taking LAW ENFORCEMENT, why does that require a laptop!

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