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Thread: How many gamerpoints do you have?

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    Question How many gamerpoints do you have?

    Well how many gamer-points or achievement points do yall have?

    I've got 17,530 right now....... I think I play a little much : O

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    I've got 11,170 right now. Not so many, but I'm definitely a gamerpoint whore -- I will play the fuck out of a game until I can get even the most obscure achievements!

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    i had 10k on my old 360 before she died

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    I wish I looked at this a few seconds ago, when I was still on my 360...I have 11,785 though...I'm racking a few up now that Banjo-Tooie is out

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    I have a life thank you very much..

    But, no I don't have a 360 yet mainly since it seems all of the games I want for it will be out on the PC at some point.

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    How do you guys have so many? Gah! Lucky...

    I should really play more video games. My score stands at around 5,300.

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    I HAD almost 10K, but something happened and I lost gamescore. Perhaps you guys can help me.

    I don't have Xbox Live, so I get like all of my achievements offline. But one day I recovered my gamertag onto my friends 360 because he was going to put a month on it for me with his card, and we could play together on one TV. So I did, and after I was done, I recovered my gamertag onto my 360. Then once I do, I'm missing TONS of achievements. I had all but one achievement for Dead Space, and now have hardly any =[ The same goes for a couple of games. How can I get them back, if possible?

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