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Thread: School stories

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    Default School stories

    Anyone have any crazy, wierd, funny school stories to share?

    I'll start it off.

    One time I almost blew all of the speakers at my schools theatre department by putting my guitar at 10 and my amp connected to it at 10 and then strumming once and it nearly blew the PA system.

    hahaha good times.

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    I set off a small explosion in a sink in Chemistry class, by pushing a small piece of a very reactive metal down it.


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    This is going to get closed for destructive behavior fast. . .

    I once screwed with a kid's life because he got a power trip off narking on people and thought he was untouchable. I'm not going to go into what all I did, and it was nothing really bad, but I systematically destroyed his invincibility by showing him that, whether he was at school or at home, he wasn't untouchable if he'd really ticked someone off. I didn't do anything life-changing or really destructive, but I did inconvenience him quite a bit by doing things he could not prove.

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    Haha. The one I loved was with my chemistry class. My teacher was doing a demostration with the liquid nitrogen. (I think that what it was.) So I had that class after a 15 min break. I knew she would have the container out and ready to use. I found a glove field it with water. And pulled my sleeve down over it. When my teacher walked in (a few kids were already in there by the times she got there... but I asked right away if she wanted to see something cool?

    She did not reply.. but I did not give her time too because she would have stopped me and the joke would have been over. So I quickly stuck my hand down into the pot (which I already had the lid off of), (see i was holding onto the end of the glove with my hand up my sleave... so the glove went into the substance and froze the water inside the glove fast.

    She was like, no and almost jumped on me.. lol. Lucky she though first. I took out my hand and said watch. I then slammed my "hand" down onto the table and "it" shattered. She jumped and half of the people who were in the class screamed. hahaha. It was so fricken funny... although she did not at first. She came around. (and it was a good thing.. because i guess I could have gotten in a lot of trouble with playin with that stuff. I was lucky no actions took place against me.

    Lookin back it was not the brightest idea.. but I sure won't forget it.... hahahah.


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    I also have a chem class story. We were heating up crucibles in class for an experiment, and the porcelain was getting red hot. Someone had the bright idea to take it off the ring stand and put it on someone's lab notebook so it would start a smoke ring and burn through part of the notebook. Soon everyone was doing it, and our teacher (being pretty laid back) told us calmly to stop. As soon as we returned our focus to the lab, he took a red-hot crucible and stuck it out the original perpetrator's notebook. Her notebook burst into flame, and the student teacher we had started screaming at my lab group, thinking that we had done it. Our chem teacher slowly walked away smiling into his office.

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    Potassium + Beaker of water = KABOOM! Glass everywhere... She was demonstrating it because in a week the school division was getting rid of all the potassium because it was too dangerous XD

    Spilled nitric acid in the chemical storage toom = HAZMAT and afternoon off
    One of the teachers spilled some nitric acid in the chemical storage room. The school had this great design that the only exist to the storage room was located beside the only exit to the classroom

    This next one happened after school hours when I was in a classroom for the driver's ed classes. We were evacuated because one of the (female) teachers was driving her minivan out of the power mech room in the basement (you had to drive up a ramp to get outside). She got a bubble in her brakeline and proceeded to NOT pump her brakes, and scream all the way backwards into the lift....knocking over someone else's Caddy and rupturing the fuel tank


    Rolled up a fruit leather in class one day cause I was bored, found an envelope, and mailed my teacher a fake turd. He was NOT happy

    Got in trouble for "hacking" the school computers and was suspended for a couple of days...don't feel like going into details, but it was quite lame.

    Basically the teachers caused for destruction than I did!

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    I was in Chemistry - if any of you have seen old episodes of "Brainiac" with the Exploding Paste you will be able to know what is going to happen.

    Basically, My old chemistry teacher was leaving the school at the end of that week to retire AND the Iodine crystals in the storage room were "misplaced" (by me) into his classroom. He just ran with it and showed us how to make the paste (its dangerous, and has a random chemical in it so I won't share how)

    I took some to the Art department later that day and spread some on the desk of the teacher I hate. It took about an hour to dry (its only volatile when dry.) I was in Maths when it happened (Art and Maths are in the same building at my school)

    We heard a scream and then she ran past our door with the most scared look I've ever seen in my life. Everyone just laughed at her (she wasn't very popular) and there was never any proof that I did anything (coz the science teacher would never admit to making the past, as it is WAY to dangerous, and he'd get fired before he could retire)

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    One thing we used to often on home ec was at the start of the block turn the gas ovens, but not ignite it, about 20 minutes later I'd call the teacher over and said 'my ovens not working', press the ignite button. Bang, she absolutely SHIT herself

    Also in first year we had a holocaust memorial day in RME, I was stupid enough to do a Hitler salute (I only found out last year that she actually was a JEW!!!) naturally I got suspended for a week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huggies1998 View Post
    Here's one: I QUIT.
    What? I don't understand what your trying to say?

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