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Thread: So few Females

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    "Well, just consider online dating in general: There are plenty of well-regarded dating sites with large numbers of both male and female members...just not for ABDL. Weird. Instead, we ABDLs get ABDLMatch (woo-hoo!) and other scam sites that robo-post zillions of fake female profiles to extort membership fees from males. So where do all the real w4m ABDL personals go? Are ABDL creepers somehow more creepy than the ubiquitous vanilla kind? And if not, why are ABDL women more afraid of them?"

    This is a good point and something I've noticed too. Sites tend to be split between dating and non-dating, with no 'safe' (from a woman's perspective) inbetween where you can just spend time chatting about essentially non-sexual things with a whole community and highlight that you are single and looking. It's either actively encouraged above everything else (i.e. ABDLMatch) or actively discouraged (such as sites like this). Ideally, you would have a site like ADISC with a dedicated section for people who are looking to meet someone. That way women can a) make it clear that they are looking and explain what they are looking for and b) if they are approached then they can look through the messages that person has left elsewhere on the site and guage whether they are likely to be a good match and (most importantly) whether they seem like typical 'creeps'. Neither party is forced to pay fees and you can see fairly quickly if an account is a bot rather than an actual person. Unlike men, women tend to judge a potential mate on multiple criteria that most dating sites (certainly the AB/DL ones I've seen) don't consider relevant. Dedicated dating sites also feel a lot more pressured and impersonal, which puts me off. I've tried a couple, but have met most of my past dates/partners through other avenues.

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    As more people come out about TG or non-binary this will get more complex. Cool. Things like does a guy who defines himself as he/him and looks macho and prefers the same, and is a Baby, would that put a different perception into to the mix, as he's not very interested in women who aren't really butch and what about a guy who is he/him but prefers being a girl (me for instance) but without changing his 'preference' for boy over girl, and the boy needs to be macho (a departure from my own perspective ) and the complexity becomes really androgynous at the center. if in fact there's a center. The binary being exploded.

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