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Thread: Hypocritical Thinking Amongst "Open-Minded" Twentysomethings

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    Muscles can become unhealthy to a person when they start taking up too much room in the skull.

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    Wow, so many thoughtful dialogues and riveting discussions, glad my topic elicited such a response. I'm not sure I have much more to add to things, but I am going to respond to some of the replies that I found interesting.

    Quote Originally Posted by BuffedBaby View Post
    You know this for a fact? Please cite your source for this. There are lots of men out there with more than average muscle mass who are perfectly healthy. This sounds like a poorly informed opinion which surprises me since what you usually post is thoughtful and well researched. I'll throw this out there as a slight tangent, too many people nowadays are actually looking to be offended so they can seek comfort for their own insecurities, that sounds like the group that made fun of the young lady's interest in a muscular man. The muscles don't define a person's character, their actions do.
    I was wondering if you were going to chime in, I remember seeing your replies to other topics from time to time, and I always assumed with a name like BuffedBaby you were a physically fit AB, not unlike the He-Men the girl in my class stated a preference for.

    I agree with you, a mans stature and appearance doesn't denote much at all, it is their actions and how they compose themselves. I've ran into a great deal of raging, jock, d-bags with more muscles than brains who treat life outside of high-school exactly like high-school and where every girl they've been with has been a sexual conquest. Conversely, I also know a lot of muscular and physically fit gentlemen who are very thoughtful, artful and humane.

    One of my closest friends from high-school was the big delinquent, the kid who fought with everyone, trained in Tae-Kwon-Doe, small, but very lean and muscular, a micro-hulk, and yet he has a heart of gold, he plays the guitar like a pro and he was one of the first friends I talked with about being an AB and he was accepting, he's not even embarrassed if he pops in and I'm wearing a diaper underneath my clothes. I also have a family friend who is a professional body-builder and he is a big family man and a giant party animal.

    Not all muscular guys are jerks, I know this from personal experience and the He-Man image doesn't need to be a toxic one and I say this as a pretty lean, 5ft11, 180 lb AB myself, I enjoy hiking and I walk everywhere, I stay fit, but I certainly am nowhere near being a Buffed Baby.

    Quote Originally Posted by Slomo View Post
    You just completely misconstrued and twisted what I said. Try again.

    And there is a HUGE difference with being "into" someone or something that is as unhealthy as being overly muscular with little or no body fat, versus simply liking to wear an even use diaper.

    - - - Updated - - -

    No, we're not talking about someone being physically fit with plenty of muscle mass. We're talking about a he-man type who has overly sized muscles and near zero body fat.

    A perfect analogy (as I already stated) would be an anorexic adult woman who weighs 80 pounds. So then would your argument include this is also acceptable since there are others who like this type of body as well? I sure hope not, and yet it seems to be as you say it's perfectly acceptable to be overly muscular.....
    I'm gonna have to agree with some of the others on this one, why exactly is a He-Man a toxic or negative stereotype? Is it simply because it's unrealistic? I don't think that's entirely true, I think this girl's idea of a He-Man is far from Prince Adam and closer to what the average joe thinks to be a He-Man, simply a muscular, handsome man, I think that's a perfectly valid thing to express an interest in and a preference for. The only time the He-Man image can become bad is they are vapid and self-absorbed or if they're roid rage hazards which not all of them are. Instead of rejecting certain stereotypes or constructs as antiquated and inherently bad, maybe we should try to reinvent them or at least acknowledge that there are exceptions to the rule.

    Furthermore, how is liking diapers and being a baby anymore or less acceptable than liking a muscle bound man and wanting to wrestle around with him? Your line of thinking seems to be a lot like my peers, one fantasy is OK and the other is not OK, that's perplexing to me, especially considering that neither is harmful to the participants involved. A lot of people not familiar with AB or DL would probably be quick to say that people who want to wear and use diapers without having a medical reason to do so are wrong and unhealthy as well, would you agree with them?

    Also, how is being a decently toned and buff individual a bad thing on par with anorexia a legit mental dysfunction that can kill you. I'm sure the targets of your scorn are those individuals whose lives revolve around building muscle to the extent that they take nothing but creatine and steroids and they ruin their entire musculature/physical health, like that guy in The Man Whose Arms Exploded, who literally had his arms explode from an overzealous work out regiment and obsessive behaviour.

    I will say it once again, not everyone who has muscles is obsessed with working out or prone to unhealthy measures in order to secure the body that they want.

    I won't try to change your way of thinking, it's clear that to you this is something that should be rebuked and avoided, you articulated some compelling points, but your disdain for the He-Man figure and this girl's fantasy seems based on a personal bias rather than any particular facts.

    Quote Originally Posted by Drifter View Post
    Muscles can become unhealthy to a person when they start taking up too much room in the skull.

    This guy gets it, my sentiments exactly, the skull and other regions lol
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    I looked up too much muscles being unhealthy and it said it makes your heart work harder and body organs. I had no idea too much muscle could be a bad thing but I always say too much of anything is bad. I tell my children this all the time; having too much food is bad, having too much water, exercise, being too nice, being too friendly, etc. Too much of everything is bad.

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