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Thread: Diaper hoarding, anyone else experience this?

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    Not paranoia driven hoarding but if I found a product I liked and knew it would be discontinued or changed in a way I didn't like I'd surely stock up!

    As is stands since I'm unable to buy any new diapers (damn being unemployed!) so I'm saving my abdl diapers for special occasions while exhausting my medical ones. (I'm thankful that I was able to get a few samples too)

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    I always panic a little when I go to order my usual only to find out no one has any. It makes me wonder what would happen if all the adult diapers and products suddenly were no longer made? We really are lucky that the AB/DL community has caught on and that there are enough of us to make diaper production profitable.

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    I do hoard but mainly because I want to try something new every so often so I have a lot but I still want to try other brands or designs. Wished I would have been able to start stocking up like 8 years ago so I would still have diapers I loved so much. They are still here but they changed a lot. Missed how pampers were almost all sap. Stronger tabs. Cuter designs.

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    Yes, while I don't have too huge of a hoard, I have never completely finished a bag of diapers because I keep getting more. Be it baby or adult. And I tend to pick up baby diapers more often than I'd like to admit.

    When I heard the Lion Guard pull ups were soon to be no more, I panicked to go buy a bag just to keep in my collection.

    Also, believe it or not, plastic backed baby diapers are not completely phased out yet!

    I forgot what brand it was, but at a store I visited for work, they had an open bag of plastic backed baby diapers in the clearance bin. Was extremely tempted to pick some up but ended up not going for it as to not mix work with my personal life.

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    Well I achieved a amount of packages too over time - not inco but in summary i have around 35-40 packages of different printed ABDL diapers around.

    It all started with my fav diapers (snuggies daytime) no loner being available

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    There's a difference between hoarding and stockpiling. Hoarding usually involves acquiring things that are of no practical use (e.g. saving hundreds of empty diaper packs), or for no particular reason (e.g. collecting diapers when you don't wear them and have no interest in them), or to the detriment of other aspects of life (e.g. you can't get to the fridge because your kitchen is full of diapers). For a regular diaper-wearer, building up a reserve large enough to survive prolonged supply-chain problems, or to buy time while finding a replacement for an obsolete product that you have been relying on, is more a matter of stockpiling.

    I did once stockpile heavily when the announcement came out about the traditional plastic-backed Tena Slip being discontinued. At the time I was toilet-free 24/7, with the Tena being my normal daily-wear choice, and as mentioned by the OP there was a clear trend away from plastic and the ABDL options were not as available and established as they are now. I bought dozens of cases as a panic measure, of which about half were used up before I was ready to move on to other brands. The rest are still being used up slowly, although they have lost some of their appeal - mainly their absorbency/thickness ratio - now that I am less worried about a visible nappy bulge in my jeans and tend to wear thicker nappies all the time. I don't think I would do the same again, now that there are many good options, unless there was some overriding factor such as legislation prohobiting the manufacture of disposables. That would definitely give me a storage headache!

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    @dogboy, I was a teenager when baby diapers were being moved away from plastic-backed & I would wonder what would happen once they were all gone. I didn’t have the means to panic buy back then because I had nowhere to hide them. Slowly I started to see them disappear completely but a few years later I found a decent supply on eBay, then that supply also dried up. I remember wishing I could win the lottery so I could become an Indiana Jones type & travel to little towns across America & search out forgotten stock on dusty little store shelves or at thrift stores. I’d dream of having my own warehouse full of diapers lol. Lucky for me that was about when I discovered that adult diapers were mostly still plastic backed. I had always assumed that adult diapers would have made the move to cloth long before baby diapers did. That began my foray into panic buying because I thought it was only a matter of time before my new discovery went the way of the baby diaper. Although I was kind of right in a sense, I never could have guessed that AB/DL diapers would take off the way they did.

    @Paxe, I think I like your term better, you’re right, I guess I am more of a stockpiler than a hoarder. I recently moved across country and was lucky enough to have it work out wear I could load all of my diapers before any of my friends and family were scheduled to help. It was quite the task.

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    I'm a huge hoarder. Luckily I am also a house owner with more than enough storing space.
    When in Europe a few years ago Tena announced the change of my favourite diapers towards cotton feel I paniked and bought as much as I could of the Slip Maxi. Additionally I could purchase a stack of a bankrupt medical business. Today my stack of Tena Slip Maxi is still around 100 packages, wich is slightly over 2000 diapers. That should last a couple of years, as it's only my daytime diaper.
    Same happened with my favourite night time diaper Comficare.
    When I knew they got discontinued, I hoarded again. These will also last several years.
    Good thing is, I don't have any diaper expenses at the moment.

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    Good distinction between stockpiling and hoarding. There's still a component of motivation behind it: are you stocking up with evidence of discontinuation and getting an appropriate amount that you think will actually get consumed, or are you buying whatever you can and likely having it sit unused? That is, is it done calmly or from an emotional void? Stockpiling is fine because you either use it, or determine that it's not useful and get rid of it. Hoarding you get attached to the things and can't let go of them, regardless of practical value or the space they're taking. There can of course be a mix of both.

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    well from a incontinent perspective i would stockpile, just the idea to run out of diapers is scary so i would stockpile

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