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Thread: started wetting the bed

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    Default started wetting the bed

    The past two nights I have started to wet the bed; not really too much, because I wake up during the process and I stop. But, I am a DL and do not wear on a regular basis. If I do go to bed diapered, I dont use it usually untill I wake up; when I do wake up I let er rip and just lay back and enjoy the feeling.
    Is this normal for other DL's? And, what should I do?

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    It has happened to me once, I would suggest stop drinking so much before bed......

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    1. Don't drink too much or have too much caffeine
    2. If it worsens, talk to your doctor.

    I'll add a little more later, I gotta go to school now :u

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    I wore Molicares for about a week, and the night after I was out, I wet myself. But luckily it stopped.

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    hmm... I wouldn't let it get to you too much. Wait about a week and if it keeps happening everynight, you might want to see the doctor. IT is probably nothing, but you can't be too sure now a days, especially with all these weird things going around.

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    well i would like it. but hmm i guess you need to just not worie it will stop

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaper degraw View Post
    well i would like it. but hmm i guess you need to just not worie it will stop
    I probably would too.
    see if it continues, and don't drink too much.

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    i usually drink a lot of water normally.
    Last night I went to sleep and I just had that urge... and its not like I gotta go. So, I diapered up, and woke completely dry. Might diaper up a few more nights to just see what happens.
    thanks for the info!

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    It has happened to me when I was in an almost-but-not-quite awake state. I needed to pee and was aware of myself releasing, but I wasn't diapered. I became fully awake quite suddenly when I felt the wetness. I guess I got so accustomed to the convenience that I just let go. I don't consider it an accident because i was aware of it happening, but it was still disturbing. I stopped wearing everynight for awhile and it hasn't happened again.

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    Is it me, or have we had a larger-than-usual number of people randomly starting to wet the bed in the last few weeks?

    *pulls speech out of back pocket* if you wet your bed more than once and that has never been a problem for you before, you need to put aside your embarrassment and go see a doc. You could have a bladder infection, a kidney infection, diabetes, a hormone issue, etc.

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