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Thread: Does what type of nappy you wore as a child reflect what you like now?

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    Default Does what type of nappy you wore as a child reflect what you like now?

    I remember when I was in hospital aged 5, my mum was talking to this other women who (I presume) son was severely disabled and had a stack of blue adult nappies sitting on his bedside table. I was fascinated. Since then I have always had a liking to medical looking blue/purple nappies, especially molicares (which I presume was on his bedside table) Do you think what you wore or seen as a baby/child reflects on your preference now?

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    Yes, I believe so. I had some simple white disposable tap napies as a child and thatís my preferences today,

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    I don't know what diapers I wore growing up. I suppose whatever disposables were current in the mid-'90s.

    I am sure there is some subconscious influence. And I am very much interested in disposables rather than cloth. But my ideal diaper would probably look like modern baby diapers rather than anything from the '90s.

    I like plain white diapers too. Perhaps I wore those at some point.

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    I do still like the cloth diapers and rubber pants, however with the improvements in the disposable diapers I find the premium diapers from places such as: ABU and north shore very good

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    I was born in the early 60's so wore some variety of cloth diapers and plastic pants. I've actually never tried wearing cloth again since it was never practical for me to keep them around. I'm also quite partial to any type of premium adult disposables but I do like to wear a plastic diaper cover over them at night.

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    I was in cloth as a baby, but when I was maybe 6 to 11 or so my mom babysat quite a few kids. Some of them had disposables. I remember thinking that they were pretty cool. I never tried to use any, but I do like plastic backed diapers. Just recently I bought a few cloth diapers and really like them as well.
    I remember finding some of my baby stuff, and being fascinated with it. I can still remember the smell of the things. Sort of similar to the smell of Dreft. I wish I could figure out what that was that made everything smell so wonderful.

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    Most certainly it does. I remember cloth diapers and sears best milky white plastic pants. Those are what I prefer. I remember my brother in the original "rectangular" pampers and preferred that style in adult diaper until they became impossible to find. I suspect this is why I prefer plastic-backed over "cloth."

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    It doesn't seem to apply in my case. From my baby pictures, I wore cloth. Although I do have some cloth diapers and I like plastic pants in theory, it's disposables that really say "diaper" to me. If it's any early formed association, I'd say it's what was commonly available at the time I was interested in wearing. Those were all disposables.

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    For me, it certainly does. I was diapered in cloth prefolds as a baby, and have a strong affinity for them as a DL. A lot of that is probably because my parents kept my old diapers around, too. As soon as my DL urges hit, I had diapers available to satisfy them with, and the connection deepened. As a teen, I branched out and ended up liking disposables as well, but cloth remained king.

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    I wore plain white flat cloth diapers and plastic pants as a child. But now I wear print Velcro or pin-on contour cloth diapers and plastic pants when I am sure I can wash them. I also like to wear printed or plain plastic covered disposable diapers.

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