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Thread: Does what type of nappy you wore as a child reflect what you like now?

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    It definitely does. I wore Luvs plastic backed as a child and I still don't feel the babyish feeling when wearing cloth backed.

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    I think most people's idea of "what a diaper truly is" gets established when you're young, and so that's naturally what you're looking for down the road.

    I don't have much of a memory of myself in baby diapers, but I have a lot of memories of seeing other kids around me in diapers way back then, and I'm sure that's where my expectations come from.

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    I grew up with plastic underpants and cloth diapers or training underwear beneath them. I like plastic underpants for their versatility and comfort and security over any type of protective garment.

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    I was born in the early 40ís so all they had were cloth diapers. As for my preference today, it came about when I was 6-9 yo and punished in diapers to shame me into behaving. The diapers were Curity 21x40 and I remember being pinned in them while the other children watched as added humiliation. Iíve tried many disposables over the years but nothing excites or feels as good as the soft cloth diaper. Being pinned into them instead of taped, also seems to add greatly to the humiliation and shame that seems the core pleasure I get. Sadly, they stopped making Curity cloth diapers but I found some adult cloth diapers on Amazon and EBay that are almost as good. Now if I could only find a mommy that would like to spank me and pin me into some diapers.

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    I wore cloth diapers as a baby up to potty training but I donít like cloth diapers or even cloth-backed disposables. I only like plastic-backed disposables which I discovered once I hit puberty.

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    I wore disposable diapers until I was sometime between 3 and 4. Looking at my old photos, it appears that I wore plastic backed diapers. 5 years later, I discovered that they make tape diapers for people older than toddlers, but some of the first bigger diapers that I saw were blue, and therefore, I developed a preference for blue diapers over plain white diapers to this day and I would only wear the blue ones (maybe pink too) in the future, when Iím on my own.

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    I remember nothing about my time diapered.

    All I know is I am apparently in the minority in one place: I hate crinkling. Can't stand it.

    I prefer cloth. I don't know how or when it happened. It just is.

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