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Thread: Song stuck in head so strongly can't read

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    Default Song stuck in head so strongly can't read

    As the title suggested, there will be times when a song, or even a phrase, is stuck in my head so strongly I can't read. Which in turn makes me lose focus and just not want to do my assignment anymore.

    If it helps, I do have dyslexia, and when this happens the words seem to jumble a lot more than usual.

    If anyone relates, has had a similar experience or has any tips or ideas as to if anything could be contributing to this, it would be really great! Its really getting annoying, especially when I'm taking a test

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    I always played soft music when I was studying. I would tend to tune the music out and concentrate on what I had to do, whether it was memorizing, reading, doing math, etc.

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    Sadly, I know what you are talking about. It's aggravating to have this happen--and no easy answers. Interestingly enough, the author Mark Twain once wrote a short story about this very topic. The name of the story was "Punch Brothers Punch." I believe it was meant to be a bit of satire, a bit of fun, but with a good measure of truth in it (and it's dangerous reading!). It's pretty tough to get a song like that out of your head, unfortunately. Try to distract yourself with other ideas, sounds, or interests. We have to just keep fighting when we can't get an idea (or whatever) out of our mind. Good luck!

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    I think it has a name ear wig, last time I had one I tried so hard to focus on other things that my tinutis acted up and I would rather of had the damn song.

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