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Thread: Genetics & Body Shape.

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    Default Genetics & Body Shape.

    Well, I've always had a feminine body shape compared to most men, and I also have a tiny penis naturally, anyways something I found odd was i had a few people tell me that I'm quite lucky to have the body shape I do, best of all it's in the female range and looks like a female body.

    The only real issue with me is I have to get Adams apple reduction surgery eventually even though it's already tiny as it can be, and maybe ffs eventually.

    But this is a interesting thing I found out today, A Lot of people are saying im lucky to have the body I do and I'll do well transition wise.

    Anyways thought I'll share that I found it interesting that my body shape is on the female side.

    Is it common for trans-girls to have feminine body shapes?

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    i remember back in the 90's when people thought i was a girl. it was a long time ago but i guess i could still say i have a girlish looking body if i look at it from the right angle. i'm a lot more concerened about my voice tho. it doesn't even come close..

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleJess View Post

    Is it common for trans-girls to have feminine body shapes?
    I don't know if I either wish this was true and I'm just unlucky... or if this just isn't true and you're lucky..

    I guess more people happy is better, but I don't think there is body shape stuff at play when it comes to trans girls. I think trans girls probably just never make an effort of further developing masculine physical characteristics, building muscle and such.

    I mean if there is something at play then I just got the short stick. Rude.

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    i can't speak for anyone else, but i think i've always acted a bit more reserved, and acted more feminine than other guys. As far as body goes, yeah. I have somewhat softer face than others whom have sharp angles (especially in the lower face). And wierdly enough, i have extremely big hips, and breast, even without hrt.

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