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Thread: Howdy from the East Coast

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    Default Howdy from the East Coast

    Hi All-

    A Jersey DL here saying hello. Not sure what exactly to say about myself, other then I'm 24 going on 5. I'm also a diaper sissy. Don't get to partake in things too much in real life, but I do on when I can.

    I'm also a computer guy/geek/nerd/whatever you feel like calling us. I actually sell, configure and install computer equipment for Fortune 500 companies in the US for a living.

    My other hobbies include photography, theatre and live sound mixing (also being a roadie).

    Not sure what else there is to say. Feel free to ask me any questions. I love getting involved in a good discussion.

    Hope to talk to a lot of you soon.


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    Wow, I love the avatar! That wouldn't happen to be your car would it? haha
    Welcome to our community, I hope you enjoy it here!

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    Welcome! Always good to meet someone else from the east coast...ahhh wait do I know you already???

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    There seem to be more Jersey people pilling up around here. But anyway, it's nice to meet you, this place is really awesome and I hope you get yourself situated quick and join n on some of the threads. If you have any questions, I'm sure anyone here is willing to answer you and feel free to contribute your experiences if possible.

    Oh and what kind of car is that? The Charger?


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    The car is actually a Shelby GT500KR, it is actually the new KITT. It is one heck of a beauty, and I hope to own one some day. (just waiting for that big raise or lottery winnings to come through....)

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    Welcome to our community, from a near neighbor !

    We're a diverse group, but almost to a person we're sweet, charming and happy (does that cover everything?)

    anyway, just read posts in categories which interest you, and post replies when you feel like it. Maybe even start a thread of your own, wouldn't that be awesome???

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