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Thread: furries are everywhere

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    Default furries are everywhere

    a couple months ago i told my best friend that I'm a furry, and he took it in stride and was like really cool about it but around this time i saw him looking at anthropomorphic pictures (one example the anthropomorphic shark from a album cover from a vulpvibe song (awesome electro <3 )
    anyways it turns out he's been a fury for around 1 and a half years now ( :P just like me) , so were more close together now :P and were both bi and we have most of the same classes together, so I'm happy that I've got another furry friend :P (other furry friends being from internetz =] )

    so yeah, I'm happy that my best friend and i are both furries ! i want to make/ buy a light ash black fox tail with a lighter shade of ash black on the tip, that would be so cool ,does anyone have any links to a good professional diy for making furry tails (strap on)

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    there was one on the bizarre magazine website in january after they covered RBW as one of the party specials. might not still be there though

    Bizarre Mag UK | Bizarre Videos &#038; Pictures, Weird News, Fetish News

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    hmm i could't find any how to make a tail how-to's on that site, but i did manage to find a good read about a London furry con

    it would be great if i could goto the furry con in Melbourne in December this year, that wwould be so cool

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    Mazza, you sir, are awesome. LoG FTW! I saw your sig line an HAD TO play that song! xD <3

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    yes LoG are awesome i must agree, drowning pool are also nice, suicide silence, august burns red, as i lay dying, all that remains, aborted, coldplay, and plenty of others in my 6000+ library of music :P winamp ftw!
    furry pride!
    metal ftw!
    so how cool is it that me and my friend are both furries eh, hehe

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    I saw LoG on Friday. I even wrote a blog about it if you wanna check it out. ("Blog Enteries" under avatar) It was packed! And insane! I was being squished right up in front of Willie!

    Your story is basically the same as mine with my best friend being a furry and bi too...

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    Hay guess what guyz. The guy that Mazza is talking about is me ^^. Isnt that right :P

    No seriously it is

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