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Thread: Scared of the word diaper?

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    Lightbulb Scared of the word diaper?

    just wondering how you guys feel about speaking the word like in front of friends/family...

    I try to avoid saying it, I dont know why its weird ...

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    Ya, the word does sound a little bit strange.

    But for me its come more of a context thing, if I'm talking about my nephew, I can say diaper, but if it's about me..... Not a chance in hell.

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    I don't like saying it either. Nor do I like the few people who know about it saying it, even if not in relation to me.

    Either way, whenever I hear it, I usually get nervous.

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    I can see what you mean. Sometimes, I too am scared of saying or hearing the word "diaper." For me, its because I'm always nervous that someone has found me out. I do not know why I feel that way though; it was probably instilled in me when I first realized I was a *B/DL years ago, and I was scared that I would get discovered. Its psychological, and it depends on the individual. Everyone has their opinions toward the subject, and everyone feels differently on it too.

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    Yea that word in conversation does have that strange feeling now when mentioned in conversation. Nothing special really but that strange gut feeling that you do wear diapers for fun (or reason). Just strange.

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    It never comes up.

    But I definitely am attuned to it when I hear it elsewhere, like on TV or in other people's conversation. The word seems to stand out somehow.

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    I'm not "scared" persay, but I laugh a little every time I hear it C:

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    Every time i hear the word diaper said out loud i wince
    hoping that its not related to me >.>

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    Well It's kind of weird saying it. Like in one of my favorite songs "When I'm gone" by Eminem he say's "These foodstamps dont buy diaper's", and when I'm rapping along with it when he says that line you could most definitly hear a difference in my voice.

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    I'm sure I've seen this topic before in another thread.. I can't seem to find it, though, so I don't really mind you starting another discussion about the very same subject. Then again, the search engine is only as good as the keywords people add to their threads

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