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    This is my shopping list for hot spots on the e-AB stores. Here's where I find my junk.

    Privatina << Most smashing baby clothes I've ever seen. Bring your lottery money though, its pretty pricey.

    PacifiersRUs << We have a decent heap of pacifiers from these guys. Although they're running low on stock, they can still 'modify' pacifiers for you, turning any baby pacifier into a big baby one with the simple addition of the huge mouth plug.

    Adult Cloth Diaper << Self-explanitory. There's also Diaper Connection, but they're down at the moment.

    Plastic Pants << The promised land for decorating your cloth diapers. These babies are custom, so you can have them lined with leather, snakeskin, and neon rhumba if you wanted to. We haven't ordered from them in a while though, I sure do hope they're still operational.

    Sassy,Modern Nursery Toys << My #1 resources for toys. Give these URLs to Santa

    Diaper Tapes << For disposable babies, here's a good site for tapes that will turn every diaper into an ABDL diaper.

    Aannd I think that's all.

    What can you add to that ?


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    Well... I can't post links apparently

    I looooove privatina's stuff. It is very very pricey yes... but very nice. I have spent a pretty penny there for sure... a few sleepers and other accessories.

    Ebay has a plethora of good "stores" that cater to 'aby clothing/accessories:

    Search for "big baby boutique"

    Is one I like. She's very nice, makes good clothing, and communicates well (and ships fast).

    I've gotten some pacifier clips from a lady on ebay that are adorable. She'll customize them... make them longer... different colors and names. However, I don't think she's 'aby aware, so I'll leave that one off.

    Everyone needs a blankey... there's a girl on this site that makes and sells them. I have one from her; it's cute And there's this site:
    myblanke dot com.

    You can also custom order one... not cheap but these are great blankies.... very soft.

    Amazon has a decent selection of bedding... I like the olive kids sheets and comforters myself.

    Babykins has an adult line (kins) that has some good stuff... onesies... cloth diapers... in cute prints.
    Babykins dot com.

    That's all off the top of my head. I'll post more if I think of good ones

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    Some of that stuff at Privatina is fantastic. Thanks for sharing. Once I'm back to work I'd love to get my gurl some of that stuff. And maybe sumpin for me too.

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    Baby & Kids - Neatorama

    Scroll Down.

    Travel Cot (Portacrib, playpen) with electric fence!! Hehe.

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    We do already have a links page. If any of these aren't already on there then you can add them to it.

    You can find the links page here. It is possible to submit a new link by selecting the correct category for it to go in. Once in the category there is an Add Category option in the top bar - you can't miss it. It's bold and bigger text than usual. Then you put a link in and a description and it goes up.

    Hope that helps.

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    Ah, thanks mzkkbprmt, didn't know there was a links page, but now I see it says 'Links' at the top of the page. D'oh! I tried to find a relevant topic for the link, but this would be loads better.

    Thanks again!

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