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Thread: new plush!!^_^

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    Talking new plush!!^_^

    okay i would of never got this plush if my mom didnt give my other on to the same type of store i got my new one.

    Its a large barney plush thats soft and sqwishy,im actuly bin told from one of the clerks at the thriff store that they sent alot of toys and plshies down to the other thiff store.

    so to mowrow im going to skip 3rd and 4th but ill b leaving to go to the thiff store which is a 1 hr walk but im going to try to get on a bus down their and get back before school ends so i can stuff the plush or plushies in my locker along with my barney one.

    im then goign to get them all steamed cleaned and bring them home,my mom wont b able to say anything cause there clean.

    im so happy i might even get a care bear toos ^_^

    and they go for only $1.49 each no matter the size,if i dont get enough money for bus and a plush ill just walk it or bring my bike,omg im so happy i finaly got a barney!!!!!!

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    Cool for you, but....I want to take that freaking suit and throw it in a fire and shock the person who came up with that abomination of a show multiple times with a taser.

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    I LOVE Barney and wish I could get one as well lucky you

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    Yay yay barneys on fire, its what we desire, were gonna watch the flames get higher, dont you try to put it out, lol, the first time i heard that song i couldnt stop laughing.

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    Barney scared me when I was little, and he still scares me now...

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