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Thread: My Triumphant return

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    Default My Triumphant return

    Hey everybody, remember ME?! I was pretty active last year, wrote the story The Addict which one or two people liked, started on another story Mack McElvoy then fizzled out and disappeared.

    Well, I'm back again (though have been lurking for awhile). I experienced a familiar cycle at the end of last year - the "purge" phase of this interest - and stopped wearing diapers for a few months. It happens from time to time, and I've learned not to throw EVERYTHING out when it happens, just allowed myself to run out of diapers and stop ordering them.

    In some ways the "purge" phase makes the "binge" phase all that more fun. I'm really enjoying being back in [diapers], and even have the creative bug again. I'm working on a new story that I might start posting soon. The problem with Mack McElvoy was, I was posting it almost as soon as I wrote a chapter. This meant I could not go back and edit, or re-direct the story if I didn't like it's current direction. I ended up writing myself into a corner and felt stuck - so I quit.

    I won't make that mistake again. I will get my current story closer to completion before I begin posting.

    Anyway, it's great to be back. I miss you guys (and gals).


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    I am sorry to say that I didn't know you, but welcome back! : D

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    Oh hey, MyWorld! Good to see you back!

    The Addict is a great story, but it's been forgotten by alot of the members here.

    Oh well.

    Don't go leavin again!

    --The Silent Assassin--

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    Ok well, it looks like there are a lot of new people here who don't know me, so I will re-introduce myself. I am AB/DL (obviously) and in the slightly older, out of college, into a career, home ownership, single, gay crowd (now that's saying a lot!). I have a variety of interests aside from diapers that include live jazz music, mixing the perfect cocktail, bookstores, coffee shops, coffee shops with bookstores in them, and I am absolutely addicted to espresso. I also write fiction as some of you already know.

    My interest in diapers started in probably a typical way. I have a younger brother, about 10 years younger. So, when I was 10 I was a little jealous of all the attention he was getting, and I began to fantasize that I was that young again and in diapers. I REALLY wanted to know what wearing a diaper felt like, but didn't get the courage to try one until age 19! Then, in my early 20's I discovered adult diapers, and wear to bed almost every night now.

    I really appreciate the ADISC community because it is so well moderated and civil (most of the time). I mean, truly!, this is not just another sex fetish site. I love that so many people here are genuine, and can have an intelligent conversation about something other than diapers.

    That being said, I am hard at work on my next story, which you may be glad to hear, returns us to the Rehab center and Toby and Jules' daycare. It is a prequel that will explore the origins of Jules and the early days of the regression daycare center. It will be another week or two before I begin posting it, so it should give people time to re-read (or read for the first time) The Addict. WARNING, my stories are more like novellas - very long - so sorry if you don't have the patience for that sort of thing.

    Much love to everyone,

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