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Thread: Star Wars, The Last Jedi- WARNING: Spoiler Thread

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    We just got home from finally seeing TLJ. I'm no fanatic to the extent I know every planet name and spaceship, so bear with me.

    TBH, I missed a lot of the tie ins you all pointed out. Luke/Rey, the mirror scene, the extreme commander going down. Maybe it's been too long since I saw the originals.

    Overall, I enjoyed it. I thought that maybe there was too much humor for such a serious movie. I realize there has been humor in all of them. I liked the "iron space ship" scene. Leia saying, "Why is everyone looking at me? Follow him!" was out of place, I thought.

    Unlike a few of you, I liked the cantina scene. It was good to her the music and the wonderful cast of characters. What I saw was Finn's lust for the gambling. I thought it gave me more of an insight to his character. I'm not sure we learned that much about him in The Force Awakens. I thought his relationship with Rose would take off but then he's back with Rey at the end. Not sure where this all is going. We learned about Rose and her childhood and more importantly, we see a boy looking to the stars wearing a familiar looking emblem. I wonder if the kids will be back in the next one as in there are more Jedis out there.

    Poe's bad/good/bad situation was confusing, although I thought at first he would be a hero. I was glad to see Leia put him in his place.

    Luke training Rey. I also found this somewhat confusing. It's like he didn't or did he want to train her? I'm surprised his spaceship didn't rise out of the water. Also remember the tie in in TFA where Rey went to see Maz Kanata and a dream sequence similar to Luke's in Star Wars was evident.

    Kylo Ren. Why the shirt off indeed? I liked how he smashed his helmet like he was not trying to be like dad. His encounter with Snoke I found predictable. The Rey/Ren tug of war with the light sabre took too long. Yes, we see they both have strength.

    How did BB8 get in an At At?

    DJ (the code breaker) was a surprise to me in that I thought he would scam the First Order and help save Rose and Finn. I thought he would be in an AT AT.

    Kylo and Rey. Long drawn out relationship. Will he turn or not? I'm sure we're headed for an ultimate death scene for him next time. Or will we be left hanging?

    That's my thoughts for now. More later.

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    Scaramouche BB-8 was in a AT-ST... Sorry couldn’t resist since I was a former SW Fanatic

    The whole Luke not training Rey was a waste IMO but I guess he will be back as a Force Ghost to rectify that.

    The Code Breaker betrayal was well done I thought, I too thought it was going to be him in the AT-ST.

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    It was entertaining, of course. And I think I liked it better than The Force Awakens. But I wasn't hugely impressed.

    It's fine to upset expectations. But leaving Snoke a mystery isn't a good way to do that. The question still remains of how the most powerful thing we've ever seen persisted through all the other episodes without making a dent on them... and it's fine for Rey's parents to be nobodies, except that there was some setup to the effect that they weren't. (Like using Obi Wan's voice in the sequence with the Luke's light saber in The Force Awakens.) There's upsetting expectations, and there's giving hard hints one way or another and then ignoring the fact that you did. (Granted, this is largely the fault of The Force Awakens.)

    I agree with critics that the Luke/Rey/Kylo Ren drama is stronger than a lot of the rest of the movie, but I also felt that I wasn't sufficiently invested in it to feel how, I got the sense, they intended me to feel. They put off revealing what happened to Luke for a really long time, but last I saw him, he was defeating the Empire. For me to care about how a boyish, happy-go-lucky character became really angsty and jaded, I have to know something about what happened to him. My sense was that they were just trying to capitalize on his name and on the fact that it's Star Wars, rather than putting in the requisite narrative work.

    It's not what I'd do if I spent $4 billion on the Star Wars franchise. But again, it's entertaining, and they will make money either way.

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    Overall, I enjoyed it, but disappointed. I didn’t mind the whole Luke projection scene, but when he appears on Crait make it so that he still looks as old as he does on Ahch-To. Also make his lightsaber green. And to top it off, have him parry Ren's saber strokes along with being able to dodge and weave them. I get Luke was trying to appear how Kylo last saw him, but he should’ve known something was up when Luke pulled out the blue lightsaber since it was broken.

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    I read a detailed history of star wars that revealed that when Fox was pitched it they thought it was largely garbage, how on earth was thids relatively unknown guy with one movie to hid credit gonna pull of a movie that made them any money ? They even tried to sell the rights to it to some German company for like $2000 they didnt think it would amount to anything either and said no thanks , i wonder if they feel like it was worth it now ?

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    I've heard that movie was legit terrible. True or no?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePenguinLover View Post
    I've heard that movie was legit terrible. True or no?
    That depends on the individual. I thought the movie was entertaining, and worth watching. It had a LOT of recycled material in it though, with very few original concepts in it. That may be on purpose though- IF the franchise is trying to set up a "those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it" sort of story line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePenguinLover View Post
    I've heard that movie was legit terrible. True or no?
    My feeling is that the movie was good and certainly entertaining. I wouldn't call it great though. There was an article about the movie in today's Washington Post. Apparently someone has released a pirated version called the anti feminist version where he's edited out about 45 minutes of many of the women in the movie, women pilots, dialogue and Rose.

    Rose has been a sticking point for a number of viewers including my son. She suddenly appears as a character and we're supposed to care about her even though she was completely undeveloped.

    The mass exodus of the rebels without being seen was hard to swallow as well. There were a lot of contrivances.

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    After I saw the movie opening weekend, my initial response was that I enjoyed the film very much but also disagreed with pretty much every creative decision that went into it. I went back a couple weeks later for a second viewing, and since then I've come to the conclusion that there are simply two Star Wars: Lucas Star Wars and Disney Star Wars. There's nothing wrong with enjoying both, but it is necessary to accept that Disney's films are made primarily for entertainment value, with little focus on ensuring that everything lines up well within the universe and an emphasis on different things than what Lucas cared about. It's clear that there isn't much investment in staying true to the larger Star Wars universe and Disney simply wants to use the franchise as a reliable source of income.

    So, evaluated independently from the rest of the franchise, The Last Jedi is a good, but not exceptional, movie that is largely entertaining and brings more new ideas to the table than The Force Awakens did. Evaluated as part of the whole franchise, however, it is probably the most disappointing episode story-wise (the prequels all had good stories, they just weren't made well) and it has a lot of elements that don't fit well with previously established canon. It's a good movie, but it isn't a good Star Wars movie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePenguinLover View Post
    I've heard that movie was legit terrible. True or no?
    For my money, no. The film has problems, scenes that didn't need to be there, character arcs that could've been expanded more, but the film set out to address the criticism of Episode 7, that this new trilogy would be a rehash of the old, point for point, and I think it did that well.

    I think the main reason for all the people saying that they don't agree with the films portrayal of characters like Luke is that they were shown the original trilogy when they were young (most likely by their parents who were there to see it released in theatres) and so it's very nostalgic for them. Meaning that when a film comes along that actively tries to deconstruct the universe (something the expanded universe was doing since the time of the prequels), they don't agree with a hero from their childhood like Luke being portrayed as a flawed character.

    Also, I cannot agree with calling any film with scenes as good as the light-speed kamikaze, Rey meeting Snoke and the battle on Crait to be terrible.

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