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    I will just tell you how I became a teen baby I suppose.
    Well I was a bedwetter every night until I was about 14,
    my mom made me wear diapers every night.
    When I was 13 or so I started wearing the diapers more than just
    at night not because I needed them but because I wanted too.
    I used to fill them up compleatly and then run around outside with only a diaper on but I cant explain that Its kinda weird how I desired humiliation.
    Well anyway I kept playing (not like that) in my diapers untill I stopped wetting the bed which cut my supply off in an instant! At first I wasnt bothered but now I want them back terribly bad I am in the prosses of getting enough courage to buy some evan though I do have a car I am too shy. Im thinking of buying them online but I have a joined bank acount with my mom. So Im afraid of them finding out. Thats it. I look forward to this forum.

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    First off, Welcome to adisc. I'm new too. I love this place so far. You probably will too. :happy:

    You don't need to be too shy to go in and buy some. Nobody is gonna care, honestly. Think about it, do you walk into a store and check what everybody else is buying? If you do, I'm a little freaked out, because I sure don't. xD Good luck! - JJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by yogonu View Post
    I used to fill them up compleatly and then run around outside with only a diaper on but I cant explain that Its kinda weird how I desired humiliation.
    Haha! Don't worry about that. Humiliation is just another aspect of this fetish as a whole. Not weird at all... well at least here it isn't!

    If you are after some diapers, and want to keep it private, you may be interested in looking around our Wiki, particularly these articles:

    How Do I Get Diapers?

    How Do I Hide Diapers?

    Good articles, written by the community, for the community. So you know the info is top-notch!

    Anyway, welcome to ADISC and enjoy your time here.

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    Welcome to adisc! Nice to meet you.

    And yeah, I am in agreement with lukie and babyjj. Having a car puts you at an advantage already to a lot of teens. Drive to a place that's not too close by where you're unlikely to run into anyone you know, and just buy them.

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    Welcome to our community!
    I also agree with everyone else, its not a big deal, just go to store not near your house, walk around it once to make sure you do not know anyone there, pick up the diapers you want, pay for them and calmly walk to your car.
    Wait a second you said you like humilation! This should be perfect for you silly! :tongue:

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    Thanks all,

    I know I wouldnt care if I saw someone carrying diapers to the checkout but I still think every one will think Im crazy but why should I care what every one thinks This is the argument I play in my head over and over.

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    Welcome, yogonu! Thanks for the intro. Looks like you're fitting in very well already. I know you'll enjoy it here.


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