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    1) Hello! Who are you?

    I'm a person, kind of shy at first but that wont last long. Not very good about talking about myself lulz. Currently i'm an electrical apprentice, aspiring master electrician. Being a spark keeps my mind occupied and alert, which is what I need most. Meh, I suck at these things.

    2) What brings you here?

    I'm an abdl switch, currently in a relationship with another abdl switch (the love of my life). I loved the atmosphere of this forum so I decided to join.

    3) What are your other interests?

    I love doing electrical work (residential, commercial, light industrial, small amount of high voltage atm). I am looking forward to a career in the electrical trade. I also like to build computers, but that is a pretty expensive hobby so that is on hold at the moment lol. In my free time I like to read about electrical theory (i'll spare you all the nerd stuff), relax with my girlfriend watching tv, and play with my pets (I have a cat and a hedgehog).

    4) What are you looking for out of this site? What would you love to do here?

    Id love to make a lot of friends here. Life can get pretty boring when I can't find the motivation to teach myself anything new. It would be nice to have an "escape", with a place of like-minded individuals. I hope I fit in here.

    Nice to meet everyone, have a great day!

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    Welcome Omega! That was a great intro! We just had a thread here where someone was looking for advice. I'm sure you will fit in here and so yo know, there's quite a few nerds here!

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    Hello OmegaPeckinpah and welcome to the group.

    Very nice introduction.


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    Welcome to the community!

    Building computers is such a cool hobby. I'd love to get back into it, but the twin spectres of money and short space kinda put the kibosh on it for me.

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    Hey...great introduction. I think you'll get a charge out of this place.

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    HI, I wish I had written an introduction like yours

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    Glad you could join. I'm also an electronics nerd, so charge away with the theory stuff!

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