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    Quote Originally Posted by Drifter View Post
    I am already in a similar position.

    This could all be true but you don't give any specific examples of violations. Without specifics it won't be possible to come to an agreement on possible solutions.
    I can provide one. A comedian Li'l Duval, made a 'joke' about somebody who is Transexual, as in Had The Operation, had better not pass herself off as female and if some mucho macho is "deceived" by a Tranny she should be killed . I don't know how Yahoo News archives such discussions/comments, but there were literally thousands of mucho machos agreeing with Duval. Saying it was beyond deception and outright rape. Duval's fantasy which he broadcast on TV, is that he would be 'raped' by a trans person, so he could kill that person and be justified by a jury. Except he broadcast it so who in his right mind would miss that the whole thing is premeditated?

    Then there's the first part of his fantasy... he would be 'raped' by a transsexual . It was ridiculous beyond belief.

    Hate breeds ignorance and ignorance breeds hate. The most prominent take-away on this is they all admitted to having sex with strangers. I mean, logically, that would be the only it could happen. If THEY were to keep their ponies in the barns, suddenly the whole issue Goes Away. They want to condemn people for promiscuous behaviour with same sex (their definition is the only one they honor) but they more subtly condemn themselves, literally. Considering the Kinsey Report as a semi-math percentage of gay being at 10%, the spread of STDs would be 9x for 'straights'. Talking about getting some kind of self-inflicted diseases from a trans person but risking themselves every time they have relations with strangers. And some actually called for legislation to compel trans persons to reveal their physical genital configuration at birth or be sex offenders.

    THAT would be where the laws would come into play. Also there is an issue about gay couples being allowed to raise children. So what about a bi-Male on bi-Female defined by their 'configuration at birth' have a baby? How, short of draconic legislation, would anybody outside of the marriage or partnership?

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    And, just to remind us ... some people often with badges or judicial privilege define baby-play as paraphilic infantilism and consider it punishable.

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    Let's take it one step at a time, starting with issues of violence. Unprovoked violence against transgenders already rises to the level of a hate crime, in the U.S., and stiffer penalties are added to the sentences of those convicted. Personally I would like to see the law rewritten so that there is no need for a person to be on a specific list of groups to be included under this protection, but for now, the issue of violence specifically against transgenders has been addressed on a legal level. Instances where this law is apparently, deliberately being ignored, is a serious crime against the American justice system and the American people themselves, and it needs to be treated as such.

    Is there anything else we can do on a legal level to address the issue of violence against transgenders?

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    some of my libertarian friends have this saying (from a book titled Liberty Reclaimed) and i for the life of me can't cite the name of the author, "A two-party democracy is the same as a 1 party democracy". Some of them are really annoying but the group as a whole try to smooth the rough and sharp edges of conflicting philosophy. Which of course can't actually be enforced. People leave or stay or return. The fundamental way some or most of one party or the other frame their opinions of Trans or Gay or ABDL could be set in multi faceted terms but on some issues, there are people who simply won't. The best way I've ever used is diplomacy. A mercy blanket.

    It's just when issues like who wears what clothes get shunted into the Moral folder. a two dimension view won't make a facet, far less multifaceted.

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