I was wondering if anyone is going to either of those conventions as Iíd love to meet like minded people! For FC I would only be going for a day which depends on a certain panel so I will assume I canít join any parties. BLFC I will be staying the entire time with my brother and his partner so thatís the one I want to bring stuff for. To find me at both cons I will have a balloon tied to me or a costume if I wear one.

Also If anyone has been to a party what should I take to contribute? The only things I can think of is coloring books,stickers and my aw so cute crib and while Iíd like to bring diapers for everyone I honestly canít afford to do that. two last things is that I probably will buy blank diapers so people can decorate them and I really want people to draw and decorate my crib since the bear is a tad creepy IMO.