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Thread: New any thoughts for my weid condition

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    Default New any thoughts for my weid condition

    Hi a little history iv always had a small bladder with frequent urineating and that was before diabeties fast forward 16yrs to today a year ago a started with extreme urgency and after much triel and urodyamic test said I had low bladder capacity doc started me on meds and that took care of it. Or so I thought then a few months ago it started back up worse then before with constant drips thoughout the day doc has no idea all test come back fine I am a man 27 I do have nuropothy in my feet thanks

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    That's a pretty wild jump from bladder to neuropathy of the feet.

    You can't miss neuropathy in the feet. It's like pins and needles on fire... Speaking from experience. It's wildly unpleasant. Other people have described it like a thousand bee stings. It comes and goes.

    But yeah, if you had neuropathy, you would know about it.

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    No I do have it had it before the bladder stuff

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    Take note that with time our bodies will actually develop a resistance to drugs and medications. What works now might not work 6, 12 or 24 months from now.

    Try switching to a diferent medication for the same overall treatment. Personally, I found the new myrbetreq worked the best for reducing my urges.
    ( Though everyone is different).

    Also, I have gout (which is extremely similar to neuropathy in the feet). I was assured it had nothing to do with my incontinence issues. Diabetes though, that does have a direct link for causing/worsening incontinence.

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    I was diagnosed as being incontinent due to diabetic neuropathy some six years ago. All I can say is it feels like pins and needles around my groin sometimes and others just no feeling at all. I have very little sensation of the need to pee and usually wet my nappy before I realise I needed to pee. Sometime I feel a mad urge to pee usually after sitting for a while. If I stand up I need to go like now but usually end up wetting my self before I reach the bathroom. I wear nappies 24/7 and gave up trying to control my bladder.

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    Overall maybe 2% of the time i am aware of a need to go but wrecking the walls and doors trying to get to the toilet isn't worth it, because the effort & excursion to get my knee bolsters, seat belt and chest harness off, arms on my chair up pants open onesie open diaper off would mean I went in my diaper , I learned a long time ago if I do feel like I have to its not surrender that's why the diapers are there ,and if i was to try and hurt myself like falling and fracturing my skull again , I think my doctors would put me in a nursing home for stupidity 98% of the time i use my diaper without a inkling of it happening , so risking serious injury in the unlikely event that i have a little warning and the stars align that i can get to the bathroom ,it's still not going to happen.

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    It's not that I can't make it or hold it I can it's just on and off thoughout the day a little bit dribble s out I don't no it when it does tho the frequency and urgency are better with the oxybutin. And all test show everything fine this just started suddenly

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    The dribble may be a sign of overflow incontinence, caused by urine retention from the drugs youíre taking, but Iím not a doctor... soooo call your doctor and tell them that your symptoms have changed, heh. They hopefully wil be able to adjust medication to help you. Good luck!

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    Already have that y he did the scan he doesn't have a clue

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    It seems my last comment went missing, so here it is again.

    The human body will adapt to any drugs or medication you are taking and develop a resistance. What worked before may not work in the future- if you take it often enough.

    The next time you see your doctor, make sure to mention you seem to be developing a resistance to your meds. He may increase the dosage, or switch you to a different formulary.

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