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Thread: Pizza!!!! OMG how do u take it?

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    Default Pizza!!!! OMG how do u take it?

    ok so this thread is all about pizza.... and keep this in mind there are only 3 crust options to choose from in this thread, Deep Dish medium crust and thin crust
    anyway this is my favorite kind of pizza :

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    Pizza Hut's dough with their pizza is good...I think I get deep dish...

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    I like medium/thin crust. In the end I'll prefer new york peperoni pizza or plain cheese pizza above all else. Until I try "REAL" pizza at some point.

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    I prefer medium crust. Thin base it to crispy most of the time and I don't feel I'm eating much. Deep dish is too much!

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    Medium Crust. Down here, we just call it original. I do get deep dish sometimes, but it's not as deep as the picture Dixon posted.

    Pepperoni and cheese.

    We have a lot of pizza places down here, not sure which one is my favorite. They're all awesome.

    --The Silent Assassin--

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    That'S not a pizza - that looks the size of a full-fledged cake!

    Thin crust is the only true pizza. Any Italians around to back me up here?


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    I'll take medium (hand tossed) crust on mine, thank you!

    This thread reminds me of an experience I had years ago. Back in 1971, a friend of mine and I had some business to attend to in Winston-Salem, NC. I remember we stayed at a motel on top this hill. Well, both of us being city kids, we were used to being able to get our choice of late night eats. We had all the usual burger and pizza joints in Baltimore available in those days. Not so in a smaller town like W-S! Riding all around that first night, we couldn't even find a McDonalds, BK, Hardees, or anything else. FINALLY, we saw a fast food place ahead that was open. It was a pizza joint! Not a franchise outfit like Pizza Hut, just a one-outlet-only local pizza parlor. Even though we both liked hand-tossed, we had three choices of crust: thin, thin, and we decided on thin. I tell you honestly, we had never seen such a thin crust on pizza before that night and never have since. You could see through the crust before sauce and cheese was added, it was that thin. We ordered a large pizza and were still hungry after eating it. That's because you could stack about four slices on top each other and still end up with only one normal thickness slice. And this place did a booming business because it was the only eating place in town after dark that we could find!

    Maybe, as Peachy said, they were making it the true Italian way and we just didn't appreciate the pizzaria we had stumbled across.


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    Deep dish is American and so should be snobbishly avoided.

    I like thin-crust the best, but I eat deep-dish (we call it deep pan I think) every once in a while.

    Is it common to use the phrase "take it" in this context? (In reference to the title)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
    That'S not a pizza - that looks the size of a full-fledged cake!

    Thin crust is the only true pizza. Any Italians around to back me up here?

    O.O still laughing about ur post peachy, no offence, but that pizza needs to be quite a bit deeper
    but none the less, i have eaten at that pizzaria before, in chicago (where else do u get chicago (authentic) deep dish pizza? those pizzas were good need to find somewhere that makes the crust about an inch and a half deeper

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