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    Hi all,

    I was just wondering if any of you had anything interesting happen to you while buying diapers. Once while buying underpads at a medical supply store, the cashier (who was a middle aged woman) said "let me put these in a bag for you, we don't want everyone knowing about your nighttime problem". She must have seen my face because she then said "I'm just joking of course". and that was it...but it really got my heart beating....and I liked it!

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    The closest was a cashier that asked if I needed a bag for my diapers.

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    I have had cashiers ask me if I need a bag for my diapers before. I just smile and say "No thanks, everyone knows I wear diapers anyways."

    It's always funny to see the look on their face.

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    No one knew anything but me, but I was still about 40 shades of red. When I ordered my first box of diapers, they came in a plain, brown box with nothing identifying what they were. My roommate had his parents over, and when I got home from work, they'd already picked up the mail. His mother said that something had come for me, and handed me the box, asking me what was inside. Between the stammer and the pause, and the shades of red I went, She smiled and said "if it's private, that's ok" and left me to flee up to my room to open them up.

    *facefault* *dies in his tracks*
    -- Thad

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    my closets was when I went to a medical supply store to get some First Qualities. While shopping around, this girl that I know somewhat was working the register, so to elude her off of my tracks I just said that I have been working part time at the Nursing Home down the stree, lol. It covered my A$$ and a kind remark from her, lol.

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    My weirdest comment from a cashier was from a middle aged cashier at a Wal-Mart in Wyoming. She told me that is was so nice that I was willing to purchase (Depends Underwear) for my wife...Mind you, I was while I was in my mid-twenties and had no ring on my finger...I only told her "thank you."

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    I bought a magazine with my stuff. I scan it (self-checkout) and hear "Employee assistance is needed for this item". That scared me bad, after I had givin myself a pep-talk on how no one would see me buy diapers O.o

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    Probably the time I got underjams, had to have been 8 minutes waiting in line.

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    I one time was at a rite aid and had checked to see if no one was at the register. It was clear so I went back got the diapers I had picked out, but then when I walked up there was two people in line in front of me. One was a middle aged woman and the other was a hot blonde Im guessing in her twenties. The problem was that the middle aged woman was having trouble with her credit card omg! Anyways I stood there, diapers in hand for like 5 min, and I noticed the blonde girl looking down and peeking at what I was holding. Finally after buying the diapers I walked out to my car. I thought it was all over, but as I was walking to the car the blonde girl was in hers about to leave and just stared at me as I walked out. It was embarressing yet i got a rush out of it too.

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    No, I haven't had anything interesting while buying diapers. I usually get them through the Internet or I use the self-check at Safeway so I don't have to worry about the checkout clerks.

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