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    Well, I am not one to post too often myself. I mainly read most of the posts and only post when I have something great to say.

    Anyway, I guess I can't read anymore thread until I post a greeting.

    So hi again everyone.

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    Welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here!

    Please tell us a lil more about yourself, are you a *b/dl or fur? How did you become one, and when? Are all some good qeustions to answer in a introduction.

    Please do not be shy.

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    Welcome babyfox1354! Go ahead and post whenever you have something to say. Every post doesn't have to be "great" - just simply adding some additional supporting info, thoughts, opinions, etc. to the discussion is a good way to contribute. Pretty much the same as a group face-to-face conversation where you add various comments, either brief or lengthy, as you see fit to help round out the discussion. Please don't be a stranger on the forums!


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    Hello, enjoy your time here, just think about this before posting. :3
    For a bit of entertainment.

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