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Thread: LGBT littles?

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    Default LGBT littles?

    I'm a genderqueer little. I wonder how many of us are out there, how common we are... I'd like to talk 😃

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    I'm a little genderfluid. Well, my baby side is. I tend to think of my inner toddler as a boy who likes some girly stuff sometimes. Nothing that has a major impact on my life, I just wanna be like a kawaii little anime boy.

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    My little side is half a tomboy. They'll be all over the video games with the shooting and the explosions one moment and then when the level awards that platinum badge, celebrating with the girliest plushie in the bed.

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    I find the diversity within this community really lends itself to gender expression. Without getting off topic to much folk need an open mind to accept their ABDL side. This would lead nicely into experimenting with gender and finding new ways to express ourselves.

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    I'm genderfluid - or at least my little side is. Little me is pretty much entirely female; adult me is slightly feminine but more gender neutral.

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    MtF trans myself, noticed over the years a lot of LGBT people, specifically trans are into the ABDL side of things, with a lot using it as a coping mechanism for having a tougher upbringing.

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    I myself am M2F, even though Iím still into things like shooting and cars, im also very girly most of the time, but love doing guy stuff.

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    I'm transgender female <3

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