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Thread: Ringtone Adults Can't Hear

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    Default Ringtone Adults Can't Hear

    Thought i'd share seems funny that the thing adults tried to use on us(teens as a whole) now is used against them. I have this on my cell phone now and i could upload should any one want the ringtone. I have tested it on my teachers and only one shes like 23 could hear it.

    Edit: of course i offer this for the coolness factor not for actually rule breaking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Entity' View Post
    I can still hear it quite clearly.
    how old are you? its supposed ot be audible for people up to around thirty.

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    S-... Son of a bitch! *Jams his hands against his ears and grimaces.*

    I'm twenty-five, and it took me a moment to hear the ring. Upon first downloading the tone, I couldn't make anything out, and I have what I would consider a really high-quality speaker system. So, as is nature for anyone to do when they want to hear sound and don't...

    ... I turned the volume up.

    Only at a peak volume of 10 did it appear, and the sound appeared suddenly, turning my room into a sonic explosion of repelling fun.

    Either I'm a really deaf rodent, hard-of-hearing, or this thing works.

    Interesting find, 4lyfe! It's pretty crazy that I can only hear the sound at peak volumes -- I've experimented with it several times, but only when my units are turned all the way up does it transmit. The minute I turn the volume down past 10, it leaps down to being almost inaudible, and then at around 8, it disappears! Crazy-fun-sounds, indeed!

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    That's a very unpleasant tone. This coming from one of the advanced age of 40, so don't get too comfy. I didn't even have my hearing aid switched on

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    I'm 18 and I have to turn my speakers up to 80%... crappy ears.

    And yeah, people in my classes used to have that tone. It would be all quiet, and the next thing you know, people would be screaming "TURN THAT ****ING THING OFF!", all the while the teacher would be out the front wondering what the hell was going on.

    I could never hear it though, so it didn't bother me at all.

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    Fascinating, and a good thing for ancient raccoons (who have gone a bit deaf) to know about.

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    Bah. I looked at the radio thing about it, and they didn't play it, so I thought I couldn't hear it. >.>

    Then I decided to download it, and I didn't bother to turn my volume down. That'll teach me. DX

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