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    Thank you for the kind words. I truly think if he can finally be fully honest with me we will only grow a stronger bond. I met the man when I was 11 and it was love at first sight for me♡ took him a couple more years till I got his attention if ya know what I mean lol!

    I really hope reading peoples stories in here will help him and I. He would like to be friends with another couple like us. We live in such a small town the kind where everyone knows everyone. It's a bit of a backwards thinking town. Lots of I'm sure we will be utilizing the site very much.

    I agree with slomo any time he has had a stash or secret anything it was inevitable I always found out one way or another. Then we fought screamed never a good way to end the day. He would feel two inches tall and wanna leave feeling not good enough to be with me, and I would feel like the most awful unloving person around. I think hes finally hitting the point of i cant keep doing this for both our sakes.

    I truly think he wears diapers cause he is a cross dresser as well and he gets to feel like an adult woman why wouldn't he want to expierence to cild-baby side too.

    He always reassures me that he loves me and only me. Our future is us. Which I love to hear because I would hate to see it change. But all I really want is for him to be happy and if that's loving me yes! If not well we would go from there I guess.

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    I agree that joining this site and spending some time reading other's stories is likely to shake away some of your husband's shyness. The matter of self-acceptance comes up a lot and I like to think we generally have a pretty positive impact on mental health.

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