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Thread: A rare occasion.

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    Default A rare occasion.

    You know what's nice? 3 weeks of 80 hour workweeks, and then getting a weekend away. Empty house, plenty of pizza, soda, movies, warcraft, and of course Dry 24/7s.

    I read a lot of posts on this forum of people who struggle everyday with accepting this "Interest" we share. I really really feel for you all. It's taken me years, and I turn 25 next week. I still catch myself starting to self-shame or that guilt-like feeling, but I think over the years it's gotten easier.

    This is just a reminder that there's always the possibility your situation will improve, your life circumstances change, but when it's good, savor it.

    Be kind to yourselves.

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    Sounds an excellent well deserved weekend!

    I would replace he soda with beer and have SDKs but still sounds great

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    I am having problem accept of diapers and my masturbating thoughts all reflect that a girl see me and thinks I am gross and takes me to a dumpster and says you are garbage. Because. You. Wear diaper and bang. I want to change for the positive and accepting how ?

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    Whatever it takes to get you through the next 3 80 hour work weeks, enjoy it, savor it remember for that day when the "why am I doing this" thoughts come, here's your ammunition to defeat that thinking.

    May the pizza be hot , the soda be cold, the tv HD and the diapers abundant for your R & R, you have yourself a ball!

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    One weekend sounds too darned short compared to three, 80 hour work weeks, so enjoy the diapers and don't you dare feel guilty about it. You've worked hard for this little bit of pleasure, damn it!

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    Dude, if you were close by Id buy the pizza and Coke!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProudPaddedBro View Post
    Dude, if you were close by Id buy the pizza and Coke!
    Party your house this weekend well bring the diapers ( just be warned i am one of those strange people who like pineapple on my pizza) .

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    cant do pineapple on the pizza, but the diapers sound great!

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