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Thread: Wouldn't this be cool to hide your abdl nursery?

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    Default Wouldn't this be cool to hide your abdl nursery?
    I would so want these people to make a hidden door to hide my ABDL nursery when I get a house.

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    That would be a great room for anything. Man cave, nursery, library.

    There was a drama on TV once where a wealthy man was murdered. He had a secret room where you had to get down and crawl on your hands and knees to get through a secret door that led to an adult nursery. I think it was Law and Order.

    Currently, there's a commercial where a guy moves a statue on a book case and it opens up to a man cave with a tv and stereo system. Also could be a great nursery.

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    OMG!!! It's totally a secret nursery in that video!!!!

    Look at 0:12... it's a giant teddy bear on the bed and pac-man themed wallpaper!!!

    It's like they're targeting rich ABs!!!

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    This has been a dream of mine since I saw that episode of CSI.

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    10/10 If i was building a home it would have a decent amount of hidden house with these things.

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