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    So was Googling around the interwebs, like you do, and I found this guy's blog. In it, he reviews and posts pictures of all kinds of adult diapers. He's clearly AB/DL aware, though seems to have legit fecal incontinence issues.

    No matter the reason he needs diapers, it's a really interesting read!


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    Wierd he starts off with simple pads that are obviously not going to be enough for fecal incontinence (which he fully admits). Weirder he then goes into fabines which is nearly the exact opposite of the pads. It's lkke this guy is an uninformed incontinent abdl who has no idea what he's doing.

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    Yeah, you're not wrong, Slomo. I sort of skipped around, just looking at this diaper review and that one, but he does seem both clueless about and fascinated by diapers.


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