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Thread: buzzwords make me cringe.

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    Default buzzwords make me cringe.

    I hate marketing buzzwords, there so cringy. I'll give an example..

    I hate the term "the cloud" oh you mean the internet.. it's stored on the internet, I uploaded it to the internet...

    The internet of things, oh so you attached your toaster to the internet.. k cool

    State of the art technology.. oh so you use skype.. wtf.

    Idek it just makes me cringe;

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    Heheh...yeah. As a software/computer geek, I often feel a sense of ownership with these kinds of terms and hate to see them abused/misused/overused. Especially when I can be pretty certain that the person using them doesn't actually know what they mean. But they're not mine. Or yours. So...naught to do!

    (But I'll punch you in the face if you ever say "synergy.")

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    In part one of this town hall seminar, I want to cascade down the conversion figures achieved by our road warriors for the last quarter, and trajectorise our key performance indicators.

    Taking a holistic view of the playing field, in light of the game-changers our industry has faced, sales are down. However, we have weathered the storm by reaching for the low-hanging fruit and making sure we had all our ducks in a row for the inquiry. But we are still firefighting, and I can only impress upon our product evangelists how important it is to live our values and give 110%.

    The take-away is that we'd better not let the grass grow too long on this one. We really need to step into the shoes of our clients and leverage our talent for blue sky, 360-degree thinking.

    Going forward, if anyone wants to touch base offline, my door is always open... at least until the close of play.


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