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Thread: Visual reference for how a diaper should be put on?

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    Default Visual reference for how a diaper should be put on?

    I was wondering if anyone had a photo or diagram I could look at for how my diaper should look after I put it on to avoid leaks, since I stand in front of a mirror when I diaper myself.
    I found this:

    but sadly I'm more overweight then the person in that photo so it would be nice if someone could point me to a visual reference that's closer to my body shape.

    I still leak more often then I'd like so it would be helpful to see how it should be done.

    edit: I'd be willing to post a photo of myself after I've just put on a diaper for people to critique if its ok to do so.

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    Very nice explanation what kind of diaper is that ? Is it an abu clothback scented?

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    That was an older abena xplus diaper from back when they were still premium.

    Notice how the diaper looks snug ALL the way around the legs/waist, and how it extends up to his belly button.

    This type of proper fitting should still apply regardless of your body size or shape.

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