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    So I've been an on again off again DL for quite some time, and I made an account on here, but stopped using it for a long time. I think I'm going to start getting back in to it as I continue to battle my feelings about diapers. I had a fun story today that I thought I'd share:

    I went to my school today to pick up a check, and was planning to wet a diaper while I was out. I realized I should go to the school first, just in case there was any leakage, but had already changed into my diaper before I got there. I decided I would chance it and hope nobody noticed I was wearing, and fortunately, I don't think anyone did. That was my first time wearing in a very populated place. Afterwards, I went to a secluded area, and soaked my diaper. It was so much fun and so relieving as I really had to go by the time I got there. Still not comfortable wetting in heavily populated areas.

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    pee away, i always say. of course if i leak and someone notices they just figure it is another crazy old man.

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