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Thread: Hallucinations are back.

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    Default Hallucinations are back.

    I've found out what is the trigger for the hallucinations, it seems my body is sick of being exposed to tempatures higher than 40 degrees Celsius constantly.

    So basically for the next 4-5 months, I'll be tripping balls while drifting off to sleep, as my body is fucking sick of being exposed to such deadly temperatures.

    Literally my body is fucking sick of this, nobody should be exposed to such deadly temperatures, I'm argh.

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    Where are you that is going to be over 40 Celsius or 104 Fahrenheit for the next 4-5 months?

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    He's in Australia and our winter (U. S.) is their summer.

    Jessy, I would suggest that if you're hallucinating in the heat, you may not be drinking enough liquids. Also, be careful as to what fluids you are ingesting. Alcohol is a diuretic so drinking alcohol will also cause you to lose fluids, not gain them. Water is best, of course and so are drinks like Gator Aid as it has added electrolytes. I drank it when I was playing summer softball as it kept me from getting terrible leg cramps.

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    Hallucinating due to heat-exhaustion and dehydration is incredibly dangerous! You're risking your health by staying in these temperatures!

    Safe body temperature is around 37 Celsius. If the ambient temperature is over 40, your body has no way to regulate its temperature. If your body temperature gets to 40, you will get heat stroke. This can result in nausea, vomiting, confusion, disorientation, racing heart-beat, muscle weakness, seizures, unconsciousness, coma or death.

    If you suspect someone is suffering from heat stroke, you need to call an emergency ambulance at once. Their life could be at risk.

    Look after yourself, LittleJess :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleJess View Post
    I've found out what is the trigger for the hallucinations, it seems my body is sick of being exposed to tempatures higher than 40 degrees Celsius constantly.

    Is this a medical opinion or self-diagnosed? If you are experienceing hallucinations, you seriously need to see a doctor about this right away.
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    I also think you should see a doctor. Are they purely visual or are you hearing things too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starrunner View Post
    Is this a medical opinion or self-diagnosed? If you are experienceing hallucinations, you seriously need to see a doctor about this right away.
    Well it's not really a medical opinion I only seem to hallucinate around November all the way to march due to the extreme temperatures I'm being exposed to. Reason I know this is It's roughly when the heat exhaustion symptoms start to kick in, ie confusion, knocking things over without realizing, etc. I once gave myself heat stroke by plugging in a VGA cable, I'm not even kidding, it was awful.

    It's a mixture of lack of sleep due to extreme temperatures, and extreme temperatures. best way I can explain it is picture a kid in a car parked in the middle of the sun on a boiling day... my room literally. if a car is that hot to kill a kid, image what my room would do...

    It's a good 8-13 degrees hotter than it is outside, temperature might be higher than that too it's so bad I can actually feel the heat come off the walls ever been in a shed or car.. that's pretty much the feeling I've got.. even my desk burns me.

    Right now outside temperature is 30 degrees Celsius, room is a good 45 degree Celsius. (measured with a temp gun) but feels way hotter than 45 degrees.. it's so bad that going outside seems cold.

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    Considering that nothing has changed with this situation over the last several years, perhaps you could try a new strategy since your parents are not doing anything about it. It sounds like a small air conditioner would solve it.

    I do think you should definitely see a doctor about the hallucinations. When it comes to your health, you don't want to take it for granted. They could be the result of a number of underlying causes, and your health could worsen if there are symtoms that are not treated in a timely manner. You want to ensure your transitioning goes as smoothly as possible, so please don't underestimate how much this could affect you.

    Also, if you aren't getting any help from your parents about the excessive heat, perhaps you could get some professionals to advocate on your behalf. The problem could fall under the jurisdiction of municipal by-laws relating to health, property standards and/ or safety. The premises may fall short of the 'environmental performance' of the residential property which would allow a municipal inspector to issue an order against the property with a compliance date. At the very least, an inspector should be able to come out and assess the unit and determine possible causes and health risks. Let them know the impact this environment is having on your health and the steps you have taken to try to correct the situation. An inspector may be able to talk informally to your parents to try to resolve it amicably without having to issue an order

    If things are not going to change, you need to make a decision about getting the hell out of there. You mentioned in a previous thread that you were considering moving to Sydney because of the better options for employment and services for the trans community. It sounds like a reasonable option to pursue. You need to consider if your current living environment is something worth fighting for, or whether it is just harming your mental health by remaining there.

    The Gender Centre Inc. provides safe and supportive housing to transgender people and gender diverse people. It provides housing with in-house support services and case managers. They would be able to provide support in transitioning and support your goals for employment, or any other issues you where you feel you might need help.
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    You could always call in the health department. I'm sure they would be happy to come by and slap your parents with a order to fix the problems of face their house being condemned.

    It would be a plus for you too. Either you'll get the ac fixed, or your parents would be forced out of there and have to find a better place for you all. And, your call can be anonymous so they wouldn't be able to blame you for it.

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    Slow roasted human is no way to go. Please take care of yourself, find someplace better, even if it means leaving family.

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